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Ah no! He has been in a few places now including the GMB studio.
Ah; wait until they have enough kits to test everybody and find out that everyone is positive ;-)
Pray for Boris! If he pops, we might get Gormless Gove in charge.
Allen, I'm still waiting for an answer from you on the Boris thread.
Nothing better to do, naomi? Never mind.
I wouldn't be surprised if half the country is infected. A lot with milder symptoms.
come on = play nicely !

I hope dear Matt recovers soon - it really is the over 60s and more so (or a fortiori ! oops a bit of forrin creeping in there - sozza) over 70s. It does concentrate a cabinet minister's mind on the subject if his next neighbour is ill

My dear Papa in a German POW camp used with his fellows cheer when a General was captured as it showed - Equality of Sacrifice

Trtump is in the danger group - did you see him scuttle away when that girl beside him said she had been tested ?
What would they test Trump for?
The Donald has reportedly tested positive for the Erroneous Virus.
// I wouldn't be surprised if half the country is infected. A lot with milder symptoms.//

yes I would - deep shock. The minor group of epidemiologists - oxford - the ones who really do say - what epidemic ?
( suntne caeci - the Pope may ask - are they blind? - sozza sozza)
say that large numbers have already had it - BUT
then you wouldnt get 800 new infections a day
No one would get infected and they sortta would stop coming - and dying

because of the lowish number infected by each case 2.3 and the shortish time of the disease - it is relatively easy to get a time when each case fails to infect more than one before he gets better, and the disease dies out

and the answer is -- a very low 60% infected and or recovered

( measles 12 cases from each patient and 94% infected or recovered before it dies out)
o very good Douggie

trump gives a news conference and the adoring listeners 'doughnuting' him are meant to nod and agree with heads shaking
and they all just look ill like you know Jeffrey epstein had shoved a foo-dah up....
perhaps they all think they are going to 'get it' - er corona of course I hardly need to say
Made me smile at Trump's last announcement when they all walked on to the stage together and then split up when he went to the podium. They just don't get the "2 metres apart" bit do they.
They’ve plainly not been practising what they’ve been preaching.
I hope the Speaker, who has a serious diabetes condition, won’t regret having Hancock and Johnson crowding round him in the Commons earlier in the week.
10.44, yes I saw that clip Ich , I was amazed at how close they all were.

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