Coronavirus: Has Anyone Had A Bit Of A Cold In The Past Couple Of Months?

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naomi24 | 15:23 Wed 25th Mar 2020 | News
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I have, so here’s hoping.

// The coronavirus could have infected as much as half of the the UK’s population, according to researchers at the University of Oxford. If accurate, the results would mean the country has already acquired substantial “herd immunity” through the unrecognised spread of the illness.

The shutdown across the UK could be removed much sooner expected if the findings are confirmed //

A light on the horizon perhaps?


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Question Author
You write what you write. Read it.
"Silencing people and not allowing people to ever be wrong... is a dangerous move. We have already have accurate posts removed. "

If that's a reference to this

then I think it's not only misguided but deplorable.
I was worried when this was posted that it might lead to some overzealous policing.
Better to put it out there and debunk it, because people will only read it somewhere else anyway.
I've read quite a lot of the posts on CV on this site and I've seen very little disinformation. The worst example I HAVE seen is still on here, in fact - and rightly IMO.
Say what you want to say, Naomi. But if all you can do is just hint and dance around your warped and mistaken version of the truth then that says everything about you and nothing about me.
There seems to be some very bright people on here who are well capable of debunking anything that doesn't stack up. I'd say let people post what they like for discussion.
As to the policy in the thread ich linked, it's been said many times that lies travel across the world before the truth has time to get its shoes on. It's simply naive to think that misinformation can just be debunked and that's the end of it.

All that said, the only stuff that should be removed under that, in my opinion, would be the basest of conspiracies, or the most heinous lies and false promises. But Answerbank's always reserved the right to control its site content. Why people should get so upset when it decides that such control means introducing a quality check is anyone's guess.
Question Author
Not even a good try, Jim.
I don't need to try anything. There's only one person on AB who insists on pretending that I have a hidden agenda, an ulterior motive for everything.
Always have a bit of a cold hanging around me over the colder months. Amazed when I don't.
// / The coronavirus could have infected as much as half of the the UK’s population, according to researchers at the University of Oxford. If accurate, the country has already acquired substantial “herd immunity” already //.

yeah if accurate
it is clear the Oxford group ( what epidemic?) do not have a consensus with Imperial ( you re all gonna DDDIIIEEE!)

the oxford group are getting Beeb air time as an opposite view. The egg heads have a punch up with boffins on air - and bystanders say - "yes there seems to be an epidemic by one fall and one submission in 16 rounds". Science as we have heard endlessly from proper scientists such as Jim does not progress like this

I have emailed the marxists at the Beeb with the point:
yes but what happens if one discordant view is not consistent with the facts ?

Herd immunity even the oxford group agree is around 60% for this disease. In this view the infected person does not have time to infect the 2.3 people before he gets better - and in fact does not even achieve 1. and so the disease dies out. - Note there are people left to infect before the disease runs out of steam

Currently today - 100 000 tests have been done and 10 000 found positive - this 10% is nowhere near the figure the Oxford group say 'may be out there' - it really doesnt look as tho there are

You may say that they are testing the wrong group - but so fact they are testing those with signs so are more likely to be positive
and we are still only touching 10%

so the oxford view is in my opinion not consistent with the facts

Game over ( or "end of" as 3T says) as far as I am concerned except for the crazies who seem always in full blaart on AB

when the facts change I change my mind - what do you do?
J M Keynes
// I'd say let people post what they like for discussion.//
while the doctors dispute the patient dies
( er Samuel Johnson I think)

The simple fact is that the claim "half of the population may be infected" is optimistic but unlikely to be supported by actual data. We cannot know for certain until we have enough data what the actual truth is, but posting counterarguments advances only one agenda: the search for that truth. Even hinting otherwise is pretty low.
And the other thing is that it would be brilliant if it were true, too. The idea that maybe half of us have already caught this disease would be a cause for wonderful celebration and hope at this most desperate time.

Watching the figures grow with some macabre interest in the statistics is about the only thing keeping me going. That, and trying to provide as honest a picture of what's going on as I can in my small corner of the internet.

Question Author
Jim, the changes to the rules in the Science category were implemented as a direct result of a request by you. That is undeniable. ‘Quality control’, you call it - although, despite having asked several times, quite who the controller is I’ve yet to ascertain. The outcome of that has been to deter people from posting in Science resulting in what can only be described as a once lively category clearly dying - and frankly that’s not only a great pity for the members here who were interested in discussing a variety of subjects - be they right or wrong in their assessments - it’s bad for business too.

Apart from telling me at 15:17 what I may and may not post - see what you did there? - although where the reference to ‘pretend’ comes into it is anyone’s guess - you say you’ve posted that blurb as a counter-argument - but since Oxford has drawn no definitive conclusion yet, there is no argument. You talk about searching for the truth - then allow science - and others - to do it without knocking every suggestion that doesn’t accede to your way of thinking into the long grass.
Thanks for the advice, I'll take it under advisement.
In the meantime, do you have anything to say to evaluate either the article you posted or the various counterclaims?
Question Author
No, I’ll await the outcome - as we all should.
Of course, the point of putting ideas out there is to subject them to scrutiny and discussion, is it not?

I too will await the gathering of more data, but we still have a fair amount to go on, and enough to, if not dismiss the optimism of the Oxford study altogether, then certainly treat it less favourably than more pessimistic models that suggest we are still some way off from the end.

The good news is that now we're more or less in lockdown that should have a reasonable impact.

Speaking of the science subject, did you see the video I posted there?
// Jim, the changes to the rules in the Science category were implemented as a direct result of a request by you.//

umm no they were precipitated by some dangerous complete *** about MMR forwarded by rabid anti vaxxers who were claiming free speech whilst trying to limit it in others

even I was surprised shocked and sad that 160 babies had died on Samoa because their parents had followed crazy advice and some even said they would do it all again

and I want to use the same principle of free speech to observe that the same people were screaming their bits off about being harassed during all of this - that the mods ( gullible things ) swallowed hook line and sinker

there are always two sides to a story
Question Author
You’re wrong PP. a thread on global warming was the culprit.

No, Jim. I haven’t seen what you posted there. I looked in a week or so ago and found it utterly depressing. I haven’t returned.
Shame. But there's nothing to stop you still posting there yourself.

It was a mix of everything, Naomi. The fact that this site has played host to all sorts of crazy pseudoscience didn't help.

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