Coronavirus: Has Anyone Had A Bit Of A Cold In The Past Couple Of Months?

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naomi24 | 15:23 Wed 25th Mar 2020 | News
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I have, so here’s hoping.

// The coronavirus could have infected as much as half of the the UK’s population, according to researchers at the University of Oxford. If accurate, the results would mean the country has already acquired substantial “herd immunity” through the unrecognised spread of the illness.

The shutdown across the UK could be removed much sooner expected if the findings are confirmed //

A light on the horizon perhaps?


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Question Author
Jim, people are people. They’ll believe whatever they want to believe - and if they don’t read it and say it here they’ll read it and say it somewhere else. I find some of your ideas really weird but I’ve never attempted to stop you talking about them.

This is a list of what are considered to be pseudosciences:

….. all of which, on a board such as this which caters for practically every subject under the sun, should be open to discussion, scrutiny and, if warranted, criticism.

People don’t come here to be lectured, Jim - there are some pretty smart cookies around - albeit they don’t trumpet their achievements - so I can only suggest you either rescind your request, return your quality controller's badge, and if you’re still interested, accept the site for what it is - or failing that, rather than spoil the potential of the place for others, seek a specialist board better suited to your own personal requirements.

//there's nothing to stop you still posting there yourself.//

Actually, Jim, there is. Principle aside, I won’t work to construct answers when there’s a distinct possibility that my efforts, having fallen short of requirements, will disappear. Until this reprehensible situation is remedied the Science section is not somewhere I want to be.
Another suggestion of yours I'll take under advisement.

Why do you think it is that your efforts will fall short of requirements? Perhaps once you find an objective answer to that, rather than a concocted conspiracy, you might actually learn something about what Science actually is. I live in hope.
‘ Until this reprehensible situation is remedied the Science section is not somewhere I want to I’ll talk cobblers in the News section instead’
Question Author
'Requirements' shouldn't be an imposition, Jim. Learn.
No-one's imposed anything that wasn't already there.

Believe whatever you like -- but the situation is "reprehensible" only to someone who has no respect for objectivity.
Question Author
//No-one's imposed anything that wasn't already there.//

Not true - and you know it. The rules were changed at your request. At least have the courage of your convictions.
Very much true. I might have been unable to shut up about it, but, as the editorial team made clear, "These changes are mostly a clarification, not anything new."

As to courage of my convictions, I come here to bash my head against a brick wall precisely because of them. Trying desperately to communicate how science actually works, rather than the twisted version of it often presented, is worth the fight.
// you might actually learn something about what Science actually is//
absolutely right

"if I post in science then it must be science"
is not a point of view I would subscribe to -
there is enough complete dross on AB as it is
Question Author
//Trying desperately to communicate how science actually works//

But no one has asked you to do that. You've taken it upon yourself to conduct lectures that no one has requested.
Yes, I'm aware it's a choice I'm making. It's a choice I'm happy to make. Whether or not people see it as a lecture is up to them. Plenty of people here seem to appreciate it just as strongly as you don't.
Question Author
Since no one has asked you to do that, Jim, what's your purpose?
// You've taken it upon yourself to conduct lectures that no one has requested.//

oh come on, brain on

this is Answerbank - yeah? and he is a theoretical physicist,
so any scientific thing he says is worf listening to

it is more than 1 + 1 = 2 because maths has got beyond that - around 500 y ago - there is alot to catch up on

It's a question and answer site. They were asking by posting the questions.
Also, on the subject of trumpeting my achievements -- I can't say I've needed to for a long time, for some reason.
oy mrs !
this is answerbank - not blaaartbank - yeah ?

his views on science are welcome
very welcome

if you are au fait (oops careful there !) with sliding scales
then more welcome than others

I dont think you know how rare intellects are - I do - I have worked in a unversity - ter daah !

Question Author
But they're not asking you specifically, Jim.

The trumpeting never stops, Jim. It wends its way through every thread you're involved in. Re-read this one.
Citizen Jim scares me.
Isn't the point of Answerbank that questions aren't asked to any specific person?

The idea that the trumpeting "never stops" is another one to chalk up to your usual nonsense about me.
I still think you should retrain in Law Jim

Lord McKay ( maff and law and also Lord Chancellor) said that any advocate who had done a course in Logic presented legal arguments which were turbo-charged ....

o whilst we are at it - back to corona - the figures from the first cohort of ventilated patients with corona = 50% died
BUT - the normal mortality of ventilation on ITU is 30% so it is not as gigantic as it first looked ( n = 150)

( Children under 16 - 15% normally - and I dont think more than 5 children hae been ventilated with this disease so the numbers are too small)
It's so nice to have the benefit of spicey's in-depth and measured analysis.

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