Coronavirus: Has Anyone Had A Bit Of A Cold In The Past Couple Of Months?

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naomi24 | 15:23 Wed 25th Mar 2020 | News
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I have, so here’s hoping.

// The coronavirus could have infected as much as half of the the UK’s population, according to researchers at the University of Oxford. If accurate, the results would mean the country has already acquired substantial “herd immunity” through the unrecognised spread of the illness.

The shutdown across the UK could be removed much sooner expected if the findings are confirmed //

A light on the horizon perhaps?


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Interesting post naomi. I had a dreadful cold in December. Hacking cough, exhaustion, raised temperature, headache. I still have a dry cough in the mornings now.
Makes me wonder...
My daughter is convinced she's had it -before it was detected in the UK. She went to Leeds to a convention about 4 weeks ago. A few days after she got back she had a 'flu' that put her in bed for five days -very unlike her. She had a sore throat, dry cough and very breathless, a fever ,and all she wanted to do was sleep. I remember her borrowing my water vapour inhaler. I think many people have had a mild dose of this while thinking they just had the flu
Oh and she lost all sense of smell and taste!
The good news is that in a few days or so we should be able to test for this in large numbers. It will be vital to gather data and that should finally be possible when the antibody tests arrive.
If you think you had it, don't you think you would have passed it onto a vulnerable person and would have known about them suffering from it?
TD you are presuming everyone knows a 'vulnerable' person intimately.
TD Prince Charles has got it but not passed the virus on to his wife,Camilla.
People come into work or contact with others suffering from colds, flu, stomach bugs and allsorts - they might well pass it on but they certainly don't pass it on to everybody. Why we don't know (well I don't know) but it's not a given that if you have corona you'll pass it on to every single person you meet, vulnerable or not.
I wonder, because I haven’t heard about it, but if you have had the virus and either recovered or never even realised you had it does it show up in your bloods?

Does it produce an immunity that can be detected?
They wouldn't lock down the country unless - the virus was dangerous - the virus spread fast /easily.
Yes there is an antibody test.
Evan Davies, the presenter on Radio Four, said on his programme few days ago he had symptoms in January similar toovid-19. The doctor on the programme said he had had the same symptoms at the same time and both wondered if they had had covid-19.

The doctor said he had talked to an expert pal of his about the possibility. The expert said it was unlikely as there would have been a spike in the number of deaths at that time as a result of the virus.
sigh ... I'd been congratulating myself on gettig through winter without a cold, which is very rare. Now I wonder if fate was saving me for something worse.
My mother is 99 years and has had very little bad health, very few colds and never flu. I touch wood as I say this, I seem to have a pretty good immune system like my mom has I very rarely have a common cold, if I do it may be once every 3/4 years, and never had flu.
Towards the end of January I thought I was ruddy dying, waking up with hot sweats on and off, gums /teeth giving me hell along with all the rest of what folk are describing on here, my nose was like a tap half on, the only thing I didn't get was a sore throat.So??????
Mishter Shpeeker, in shpite of bad things happening to my party, I am still der leader an I have a voishe in thish crishish an we need to shirt down with these virushes and dialogue wiv dem an form a committee wiv dem and put our suggestions on the table, and take nuffink off dear table an when der table is full den wiv gudwill and dialogue we will see their side and understand der demands and dishcush dem an make a resolooshun mishter shpeeker.
(Shoota makes mental note not to touch Jno yet...)
Interesting, at the end of Jan/beginning of Feb I had a couple of days on the sofa with a temperature, feeling really exhausted, a sore throat and a very dry cough (which lasted a week or so), no sniffly cold but for a few days couldn't really taste properly, certainly makes you think. But all we can do at the moment is follow advice and stay at home.
Very interesting. Both OH and I were ill in January with flu like symptoms, temperatures and sorethroats. He had a dreadful dry cough. I had a cough and then a chest infection. i am still getting sore throats and nasal problems.
As Robinia said, if we had symptoms like that now we would think it was Corona Virus. Actually OH ended up in A&E (sent by 111) because his whole body came up in a nasty rash. The doctors found nothing significant and said it was a reaction to the illness and this sometimes happens. A&E was packed with people coughing!

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