Apology Replaces Accountability

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Canary42 | 22:24 Thu 12th Mar 2020 | News
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Increasingly these days it appears to me, apology is replacing accountability. When caught out just say sorry and all is forgotten.

Here is the latest example I've encountered - guy apologises and claims he didn't know about it - yeah, we all believe that one.

I'm sure some of you can pick out other examples (e.g. David Steel re Cyril Smith)


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AB is riddled with apologies - before the author is suspended or even banned. So what's new?
I did wonder about this one

"The prosecutor claimed the SIM card was fused in the Glasgow Airport terrorist attack. This allegation, central to the case, proved to be false and investigating British police officers concluded that the case was driven by politics rather than policing"

it transpires that the oz authorities knew the statement was false.....

everyone kept their jobs - Mohd Haneef kept £100 000 for this
Sounds like a Labour Party cover up. Wouldn't be the first in Yorkshire.
West Yorkshire Police, yet again - no surprises there.
or this

"Dr Ryan took the temperature of Pauline Cafferkey, a nurse, as they waited to go through virus screening at Heathrow Airport in Dec 14. The reading showed her temperature was at 38.2 c - above the 37.5 c threshold which is a warning sign for the disease."

only - she didnt. This was shown at the GMC hearing later on. The persons who referred her to the GMC, knew that other staff had done it. It was done to divert attention from the people who were at fault. As you can imagine this caused a lot of bad feeling at the hearing.

//AB is riddled with apologies - before the author is suspended or even banned. So what's new?//

Better than doubling down, which many more do on AB, compared to those apologising.
This is utterly shameful so why the flippancy here?
This is an absolute disgrace. Someone should be fired and publicly shamed.
//AB is riddled with apologies - before the author is suspended or even banned. So what's new?//

I have a apologized on here a couple of times. Totally genuine, it's an anonymous site why apologize if you dont mean it (and lets face it there is no problem coming back under a different name as many do so that one is out the window)
The company I used to work for had a policy whereby any repair needed had to get authorization from head office which usually took weeks. One time half of the men's toilets were out of order so I said why not just get to the local plumbers merchants and let maintenance fix the fault. 'Oh we can't do that, think of the policy'. If HO complain just hold up your hand an say 'I'm sorry'.

For it is written 'It is much easier to get forgiveness than to get permission'
Question Author
Another example, fresh off the press. May and Patel involved this time - we've said sorry, we'll pay a little compensation, so that's all right then. In any other profession they would lose their job.

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Apology Replaces Accountability

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