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Only if the Greeks stop missing
By Yerp, I assume you mean the EUSSR?
Question Author
TTT Yes, & I'm wondering if someone is ever going to say, "no!"
Well it's quite clear that Europe (or more specifically Greece) cannot cope. Instead of giving 7billion euros to the Turkish regime that money would have been better spent reinforcing the Greek/Turkish border. Europe simply cannot accommodate the huge numbers of people decamping from Syria and elsewhere.
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I fear nothing will happen until there is a breakdown in society - which is already happening in pockets- & then it will be too late.

Thank God Britain isn't in Schengen & that it's leaving the hapless EU.
Yes, thank goodness we are leaving and are not in Schengen. There are simply too many migrants. The majority(who are not now from war zones) should be encouraged to return and rebuild their countries to equal European prosperity. The West could help with that.
Since this is unlikely to happen - our borders should be closed immediately to any but genuine travellers/business-people; there must be extra checks (this would affect my son-in-law who travels on business within Europe, but it needs doing). Sorry to EU, but this really has to happen NOW and any illegals sent straight back to France - or wherever they came from.
no it can't, more refugees is a massive problem for the whole of Europe, Greece is inundated with them from Syria, Afghanistan etc. No wonder they have used such tactics against them, i predict the Greeks will riot before long..if they haven't already...
// Thank God Britain isn't in Schengen & that it's leaving the hapless EU.//

erm yes - isnt this just another "question" on AB for which the most appropriate answer is:

read the newspapers, we have brexited so it is nothing to do with us

[ie put in box along with qq like "can you buy petrol in africa?" and did shakespeare ever design a helicopter?]
Question Author
PP //read the newspapers, we have brexited so it is nothing to do with us//

So after all, you're a head-in-the-sand, little-Englander, living in the belief that whatever happens in the rest of Europe & the EU will have no impact on your life - dream on dude!
i wonder if PP was being ironic...
Ironic? moronic more like!

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Erdogan's Weapon: Refugees

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