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How Has Ghislaine Maxwell Not Been Questioned Over Jeffrey Epsteins Crimes?

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barney15c | 22:19 Mon 02nd Dec 2019 | News
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I can't believe she hasn't been approached to give information of what this man has done and Prince Andrews alleged behaviour. Is she being protected?


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If the Police want her they'll find her.
We used to have that on the jukebox in our pub.
They'll get her when they are ready. At the moment they are investigating ...
i am sure she will be found eventually
ummmm //Recommended?//
Very much so, though it depends on your taste & stamina - it's over 700 pages & Mann had the chutzpah to suggest reading it twice! - which is what I'm doing & I'm half way through the second time.
If you don't know Thomas Mann, here's a taste, with apologies to barney's OP;

Personally I am fed up with trial by media.

All sides of this sorry mess seem to be saying things that seem not quite right. The problem is the passage of time has no doubt corrupted memories so without some real solid proof it's all going nowhere.
erm I think she has disappeared from view
and from what people say - released emails - she would take the fift'

The beeb are handling the hustling lawyers from stateside badly.
DId anyone see the counsel for the claimants /victims

"he says he will co-operate if required? - whadda'z "required" mean and by whom ?"

and then you cd see her fink - click click click"god they have clicked there is no requirement, I have been Rumbled! there is in fact no requirement at present for him to do diddly squat"

as far as I am concerned the Zoo can return to America and the sooner the better

and she lamely came up with 'it is a requirement of Justice!"

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How Has Ghislaine Maxwell Not Been Questioned Over Jeffrey Epsteins Crimes?

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