Labour Chaos....

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Khandro | 09:33 Thu 14th Nov 2019 | News
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..... no other word for it! [Today] ' the election battleground will move on to immigration, with the Tories claiming that Jeremy Corbyn’s policies could lead to a three-fold increase in net migration to 840,000 a year – a figure disputed by Labour.'

Meanwhile, Mr Corbyn changed his mind three times on the timing of when he might grant a second Scottish independence referendum & John McDonnell, the shadow chancellor, said health workers would be included in Labour’s plans for a four-day week – leaving its NHS spending plans in doubt – hours after the shadow health secretary said the opposite.'


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I was surprised that Labour did as well as it did at the last election but they are heading for oblivion in this one.
We can hope, Jackdaw. What a shower!
Jack //They are heading for oblivion in this one.//
A lot is going to depend on whether Farage relents and withdraws from placing Brexit candidates in the vulnerable Labour seats.
Even his Union bosses are shaking at his lunacy. Freedom of movement worldwide. Labours policy has,allegedly been to protect worker's rights blah blah blah. Labour now want the world and their dog to invade us and steal work.
Sorry I didn't provide a link to above

3) Union boss’s blast over plan for more free movement of migrants

//Labour was at war over immigration last night after one of Jeremy Corbyn’s union backers warned that plans to ‘extend free movement’ could cost the party votes in crucial seats.

Labour’s annual conference in September voted to adopt a new policy to ‘maintain and extend free movement’. At the time, the architects of the policy said the idea was to extend free movement ‘beyond the EU’.

A Conservative analysis of the pledge last night suggested that if free movement rights were extended to the rest of the world, net immigration to Britain could soar to three times its current level – jumping from 261,000 a year to 840,000 over the next decade. Home Secretary Priti Patel said: ‘Under Corbyn’s Labour, immigration would surge, and put huge strain on schools and our NHS. Jeremy Corbyn has no credible plan for how to deal with the consequences of his open borders policy.’

Labour’s exact policy will not be finalised until a manifesto meeting on Saturday, but it is causing divisions within the party’s senior ranks. Len McCluskey, head of the pro-Corbyn Unite union, warned that extending free movement could cost the party support in critical marginal seats in the Midlands and the North, which voted heavily to leave the EU.

‘I don’t think what conference voted for is a sensible approach and I will be expressing that view,’ he said. ‘It’s wrong in my view to have any greater free movement of labour unless you get stricter labour market regulation.’

The Tory figures were produced by analysing the impact of extending free movement to Eastern Europe in 2004 and extrapolating it to the rest of the world.

Labour dismissed the figures. Shadow home secretary Diane Abbott, who pledged this week to tear up laws designed to make life tougher for illegal immigrants, said: ‘This is more fake news from the Conservative Party’s make-believe research department.

‘Unlike the Tories we won’t scapegoat migrants or deport our own Windrush generation citizens.’//
and how much of an increase will we have under the tories as they aren't limiting immigration???
Doesn't surprise me.
Abbot will have done the maths.

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Labour Chaos....

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