Corbyn Take Over Plot

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fender62 | 00:23 Thu 08th Aug 2019 | News
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Labour’s “Marxist revolutionary” plot to demand the Queen installs Jeremy Corbyn in No 10
laughable..corbyn who hates everything royal let alone the uk.


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Maybe a good time to picket the Palace to stop the jumped up toerag getting in.
Is he on drugs or just an imbecile? He told an audience at the Edinburgh Fringe that if the Prime Minister refused to step down in the event of losing a confidence vote, Labour would demand that the Queen appoint Mr Corbyn instead.

“I don’t want to drag the Queen into this but I would be sending Jeremy Corbyn in a cab to Buckingham Palace to say we’re taking over,” he said.

David Starkey, the historian, said Mr McDonnell’s threat would amount to a “coup”, adding: “I’m afraid Mr Corbyn would be arrested. The disguise has come off John McDonnell – he’s a revolutionary communist.”
At one time no one in Mays government would vote against a VONC but a few of them have said they would now bring down the government to stop a no deal.

Therefore I think, with a majority of only one Johnson is on a very sticky wicket.

What he has to be able to demonstrate very early in Sept is that full and comprehensive plans are in place that will, in large part, mitigates project fear.

Of course there will be those that will never agree. That is a given but for those that are simply worried (fearful) of no deal he could swing them his way.

In any case Corbyn demanding anything is like my cat demanding to be fed. She can demand all she likes I just don’t open the tin.
with recent developments he'll be accompanied by wee Jimmy as McBodicea in a chariot with claymores sticking out of the wheels!
I said yesterday that Mr Corbyn, and clearly his associates, live in a world of 'politics' where they plan and scheme and pontificate nonsense, safe in the strong belief that they will never actually have to enter the real world where the rest of us live, and actually implement their fantasies.

I have also long believed that by the time an election comes around, the un-electable Mr Corbyn will have been ousted.
Corbyn is getting on a bit you know...
Quite how someone as, allegedly, astute as Corbyn can't see that he is the 'puppet' in McDonnell's Machiavellian plot, I really don't understand.

The hope is that the disgruntled electorate will vote in Corbyn (an older left-leaning version of bumbling Johnson but with more conviction) and then he'll be jettisoned in favour of Marxist McDonnell.
I think all the talk about 'votes of no confidence' needs putting in perspective. Since 1945, various UK governments have faced 23 votes of no confidence & only one of these has been successful - when Jim Callaghan lost by a single vote in March 1979 (which brought Margaret Thatcher into power).
Going back even further to 1900 there have only since then - & not including the one above- been another two successful ones, both were in 1929 and brought down Stanley Baldwin.
With all the disarray & infighting going on in Parliament today, it seems to me highly unlikely that such a move would produce the result being sought by these power-seekers.
"Quite how someone as, allegedly, astute"

What fools came to that conclusion ?....
As daft as Corybn is don't forget it took a deal with the DUP to keep Labour out. People in South Wales, parts of London and the North will still vote for him and his party because "Grandad did and his dad before him".

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Corbyn Take Over Plot

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