Corbyn Take Over Plot

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fender62 | 00:23 Thu 08th Aug 2019 | News
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Labour’s “Marxist revolutionary” plot to demand the Queen installs Jeremy Corbyn in No 10
laughable..corbyn who hates everything royal let alone the uk.


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So who's going to be the fall guy who lights the fuse? The Yeomen of the Tower will soon see him off.
The Daily Express? How can you actually bring yourself to read this garbage?
A Czech spy, an IRA supporter, a Palestinian sympathiser, a religious bigot and a racist walk into Buckingham Palace.

The Queen says, "What would you like to drink, Mr Corbyn?"
If the government loses a vote of no confidence parliament has 14 days to establish an alternative government before an election has to be called.
So I doubt if anyone is going to be calling a taxi to the palace.
Of course rumour has it Johnson would ignore a vote of no confidence. ...
What a shambolic mess. A self fulfilling prophecy of doom by the Ideological Remainers, Professional Remainers, and Worried Remainers. This will be a stain on our national history forever. We need to unite and heal, not tear asunder.
How does anyone 'demand' that the Queen does this? Corbyn & Co smack of desperation
"How does anyone 'demand' that the Queen does this?"

I'm surprised the commies are bothering to ask to be honest.
Of course the queen could ask Mr Corbin to form a government.
The reality is however that any thoughts of an alternative coalition would have to have been worked out in advance.
It seems inconceivable that there would have to be a general election.
The current government’s mandate is weak enough, but given that it is unlikely to test that of its own volition soon, then having an election forced on it would seem the most satisfactory outcome.
If there was an interim government without an election it could not and would not last for very long.
Inconceivable that there WOULDN’T have to be an election (after a no confidence vote)
"If there was an interim government without an election it could not and would not last for very long."

Hmm, if that 'interim' government was this band of old commies then I'm afraid they would not budge - as has been seen many times around the World. It's how the Marxists cling to power.
Itch,Yes he could 'ask' the Queen to form a Government, that's the norm but these headlines read 'demand' that she does , a bit of a difference
Any interim government would have to be a coalition
I cannot see how it would work.
It would have to be cross party, and of necessity moderate.
It would not have Jeremy Corbyn at its head, that seems certain.
I don’t know if John McDonnell was drinking. Or had been misquoted, but the scenario as described is a non-starter.
Corbyn Take Over Plot
Or loses the plot more likely.
anyone else have an image of corbyn with two straws up his nostrils?

I wasn't aware folk could tell the sovereign that they're taking over, well not without a new model army to back them up maybe. Are they readying the cells at her majesty's royal palace and fortress of the tower of london ?
Seems most are of a similar view then.
//rumour has it Johnson would ignore a vote of no confidence//

not so much ignore, but use his prerogative to call the election for a time of his choosing. like, after the 31st October, which I believe everyone want to avoid.
I doubt everyone wants to avoid the 31st October. Of course it'd have been better without these past extensions, but we'll take what's going.
power to the people: "

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Corbyn Take Over Plot

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