Racism And Religion Or Breach Of The Peace

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nailit | 19:30 Wed 07th Aug 2019 | News
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Didn't know whether to post in news or law, but a newspaper article so its here.
From my local rag.

Don't quiet get how an all night disturbance is classified as a council issue.
If I and a group of friends spent all night singing in the street, Im pretty sure that arrests would be made. But this is religion and black to boot. So either its...
1) No action because its religious (cant discriminate on religious grounds)
2) No action because theyre black (cant be seen to be racist) or
3) No action taken because it really is a council issue....which brings me back to the fact that if it were me and a group of 'merry' friends singing, we would be arrested.

Just don't get it.


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Your behaviour in a public place (such as out on the street) is seen differently in law to that on private premises. If you connect up some massive speakers to your high-powered hi-fi system (in your own home) and play Axel F's Crazy Frog at maximum volume all night long, it's a matter for the local council to deal with (if your neighbours aren't great fans of Crazy Frog), rather than for the police:

It's exactly the same if there's excessive noise from a church.

"For conduct to constitute a breach of the peace, the conduct must involve violence or the threat of violence":
Axel F was the song, I believe, built round Eddie Murphy's character in Beverly Hills Cop.
Question Author
Not my experience Chris.
When I was a LOT younger (and less considerate), Ive had the police in my home taking the plug out of my stereo during a party or two and threatening me with arrest for breach of the peace.
Which surely it is, if im keeping people awake at night?
Seems a bit of a grey area to me.
Could I have legally kept my anti-social behaviour going on through out the night?
Question Author
//Axel F was the song, I believe, built round Eddie Murphy's character in Beverly Hills Cop//
You just might have the wrong thread here JNO! there again....
Nailit, five years ago my daughter had noisy, partying neighbours who caused problems every weekend. The police directed her to the local council and never once came to the block of flats. Maybe there's been some big change since your day?
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Neveracrossword, yes, suppose so. I am talking over 30 yrs ago when I was a young knowitall.
I grimace now at what I must have put my neighbours through at times but now I read reports like this (from grown MATURE people) and wonder how they would like something like this on their own doorstep.
It may be a "statutory nuisance" see this link,
Question Author
It may be ''Statutory'' but its still a bloody nuisance.
If people want to worship all night, let them...why not?
But if its keeping neighbors awake who have to go to work/school/college the next day then surely there must be some law in place?
Obviously these worshippers DONT have to work or go to school/college the next day.
If it is a statutory nuisance, an order would be issued preventing a repetition.
nailit, no, see Buenchico's post just above it.

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Racism And Religion Or Breach Of The Peace

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