Woman Wakes Up Alone On Dark, Parked Plane

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naomi24 | 17:23 Mon 24th Jun 2019 | News
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//A woman has said she was left alone on an Air Canada plane after falling asleep during a flight.

Tiffani Adams said she fell asleep while flying from Quebec to Toronto on 9 June. When she woke up, she was freezing cold and still buckled into her seat, but the aircraft was parked.
Air Canada has confirmed the incident occurred and is investigating.//

A short flight of approximately 1.5 hours and I can't imagine how she slept through a landing anyway, but that aside, how on earth could that happen? I presume the crew made no checks but someone must have spotted her asleep as they left the plane surely?


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How do you stay buckled up if sleeping across seats ?

I reckon she was sleeping so peacefully that they didn't have the heart to wake her up.
Could be a starter for a successful west-end play like;
I once worked with a chap who lived at Ashford in Kent. He boarded his train in London following some evening "refreshments" and promptly fell asleep. Missed his stop and was woken up at Dover Priory where the train terminated. The station bod informed him that the last train back towards London had gone but there was an "empty stock" working and he'd had a word with the driver who agreed to stop at Ashford to let him off. He boarded the empty train, promptly fell asleep. The driver stopped at Ashford but didn't check that he'd alighted. He was woken again by the driver at Grosvenor Sidings just outside London Victoria where the train was due to lay up briefly before forming an early morning service back to the coast. The driver showed him the way out to the street and he caught a bus back to the office, arriving around 6am!
Well at least he had a good night's kip, NJ.
Old_Geezer //How do you stay buckled up if sleeping across seats ?//

The belts are loose enough (as long as you’re not obese) to accommodate someone sleeping lengthways. As long as the seat backs are up and tray tables are stowed away the cabin crew would have been happy, and then just forgot about her.
That really is funny NJ.
//Tiffani Adams said she fell asleep //

As she opened her eyes she sang:

//I think I'm alone now, there doesn't seem to be anyone around//

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Woman Wakes Up Alone On Dark, Parked Plane

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