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As the only audience Boris has to reach is the 160,000 party members I see no reason for a TV debate. Hunt is desperate; he knows he's on a loser so is resorting to smear tactics.
Agreed Jackdaw. Jeremy Hunt is now looking foolish!
//Mr Hunt said it was "incredibly disappointing" and risked "cheating" the country out of a "proper contest". //

The country isn't involved in the contest. I see no point to any such debate.
The previous answers to mine have echoed exactly what I was going to say - there is no 'proper contest' for the country to be 'denied' - they are not involved in the choice, they will have the next PM foisted on them the same as the last one.

Mr Johnson does not need to set himself up for awkward questions for the nation to gawp at, so why on earth would he bother?

It's less 'cowardice' and more simple common sense.
Anyone noticed that Jeremy Hunt has changed his image. At week-end he wasn't his usual dapper self. His hair looked like it had been cut with a knife and fork and he had discarded his tie in favour of an open necked,casual shirt. I think he's copying Boris :)
I'm surprised that the fans of the lying, disloyal, scruffy clown called Boris don't point out his major asset; he can single-handedly solve the global -warming by bending over in front of a solar panel. The emitted solar radiation would create enough electricity to make all the other power stations redundant.
There you go. bhg481 has the solution to global warming. Smart!
I was going to post some witty, pithy comments, but I fell asleep.
Cowardice? No common sense, there is nothing to be gained. Hunt can whine like a stuck record but he'll get hammered in the actual vote. Most Tory members couldn't give a rats April about silly US emulating "debates" which are more usually a vehicle for the host anyway.
I think one means more refusal to be manipulated by the media by the preferred candidate. Nor any affect by any other candidate that is happy to jump to the media's timetable. Name calling isn't working.
//they will have the next PM foisted on them the same as the last one. //

um, not exactly Andy. unlike Callaghan, Major and Brown, the last one called an election; if the electorate didn't like the newly elected party leader, they were given the opportunity to get rid.
// The country isn't involved in the contest. I see no point to any such debate.//
yes but they should be ( involved in a contest as voter that is, and there is alot of point in a debate on the issues )

the 'prize' is prime minister

not yapper of the year on AB or something ....
They aren't involved though. The average bod already said what representative they wanted. That's all they ever get to decide. It's the party members only that get to choose who leads the party.

Yet we get nonsense about media circuses and dwelling on private life as if they were relevant when they aren't. They're just opportunities for political mud slinging and boring the public.
'The blonde bonker'? Is there another one? Years ago a young 17 year old tennis player had that nickname. Asking the question,( he could hardly speak english at the time) Vot eez zis bonking? Got the answer, bumsen Boris, bumsen.
lol. I just couldn't help it.
Is he a blonde bonker or a blond bonker or both?
I think the contest does make a differeence: the public may not have a vote but at least public debates inform you about the candidates and avoid the schemozzle that brought May into office.
Debates have for the most part, always been nothing but slanging matches.
Hunt is keen to question Johnson, but I think the country will be more interested to question Hunt as to why he thinks he is going to get a deal from the EU, coupled with his refusal to commit to leaving on 31st October.
Until 1965 even Tory MPs had no say in the leadership. A leader 'emerged', chosen by the men in grey suits. Thus the furore in 1963 when Home, an earl, was chosen in preference to the favourite, Butler.
I'd like to see the end to all these tv 'debates' from all party.

BoJo is spot on with refusing to pamper the liberal left MSM. Just look at the mess the BBC did last time.

Stay away Boris and let Hunt dig his own hole. It's nothing to do with the public, as said above.

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