Woman Wakes Up Alone On Dark, Parked Plane

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naomi24 | 17:23 Mon 24th Jun 2019 | News
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//A woman has said she was left alone on an Air Canada plane after falling asleep during a flight.

Tiffani Adams said she fell asleep while flying from Quebec to Toronto on 9 June. When she woke up, she was freezing cold and still buckled into her seat, but the aircraft was parked.
Air Canada has confirmed the incident occurred and is investigating.//

A short flight of approximately 1.5 hours and I can't imagine how she slept through a landing anyway, but that aside, how on earth could that happen? I presume the crew made no checks but someone must have spotted her asleep as they left the plane surely?


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I can't believe that the crew didn't check all of the plane. It must have been really scary for her.
Question Author
marvel, I find it difficult to understand why a last minute check wasn't made. I imagine someone's going to be in big trouble.
I am sure whenever I have flown, they have checked to make sure nothing has been left behind. I think the crew should get a talking to.
Naomi - // … and I can't imagine how she slept through a landing anyway … //

I can!

I sleep through virtually any journey on any form of transport, including air travel, I am asleep before take-off and usually have to be woken on landing to get off.

The same applies on trains - a train to London is no problem, because it terminates at Euston, and the cleaners give me a shake, but in the days before mobiles with alarms, I would usually ask another passenger to give me a nudge when the train approached my station
Have certainly slept through take-off before and am thankful that many late night trains terminate at my local station as I can then be woken up.
I've just asked a BA cabin crew member friend of mine and he says no way would that happen on a BA flight. I bet an Air Canada cabin crew member would say the same;-)
I can't imagine how somebody could be missed on a plane though.
Question Author
I've slept through take-off, but never through landing. Travelling by train is entirely different. It's easy to sleep through stops.
a prime minister left his kid at a pub once
does that count ?
PP. Lol!..
My sister who lives in Alberta, is not impressed with Air Canada. For one, they changed her flight times three times. On the 3rd time, even put the day back! There are other reasons too. Next time she flies over to see me in September, she is coming over on an Icelandic flight, which has a good reputation, apparently.
I don't understand how she was "freezing cold"; it was in the mid 20's in Toronto on June 9th, slightly cooler at night obviously. Something seems a little "hinky" to me about this story. Also, don't a cleaning-crew come on board sometime after landing?
It happens on trains, buses, why not planes?
I assume the flight crew were as keen to get off the plane as the passengers were, so didn’t hang around to make checks.
How do you manage to sleep while sitting bolt upright on a plane?
She was probably lying down, covered in blankets.
Question Author
Hopkirk, Why would she have been lying down covered in blankets? She was on a short haul internal flight - not a First Class long haul - and she'd have had to sit up and put her seat belt on for landing anyway.
And why would she call a friend to describe her predicament? Surely anyone's first thought would be to phone 911.
A bit of investigation shows that another news service reports that she was indeed sleeping across a row of seats.
Makes sense now.

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Woman Wakes Up Alone On Dark, Parked Plane

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