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I didn't think Farage was pathetic enough to request compensation.

Someone go and wipe his bottom for him. His bottle needs sterilising also.
Same old, same old!!!

The milkshake criminal happens to be white, I wonder if they are charging the Asian for throwing a milkshake over Tommy Robinson?

No I thought not, once again the police are scared of being labelled racist.
Maybe tommy just isn't perusing some pathetic court case? I mean... farage says ""I won't even acknowledge the low-grade behaviour that I was subjected to this morning. I won't dignify it. I will ignore it.

"Perhaps keep buying new clothes and carry on.""

Yes here we are.
Expensive milk-shake? He's already made a profit, unfortunately.
Well it didn't take long to change the topic there did it?

He'll take the fine out of the money raised on GoFundMe presumably.

Nasty chap.
* Compensation not Fine, sorry.
Expensive milk shake indeed.

Not only has he been fined but he lost his job with SKY as well.

Spath, For goodness sake, it's a criminal trial. Do you not understand that?
"Do you not understand that?"

Spath your juvenile response re Nigel Farage should be treated with the contempt it deserves. Grow up.
Surely though, it's at Farages discretion if he receives compensation?
Crowther was charged with common assault and criminal damage by...………..are you ready spat? The Police. Not Farage...….the Police.
Compensation was awarded by...…..are you ready spat? The Magistrate. Not claimed by Farage or sued for by Farage but awarded by a Magistrate completely of his own volition.
spath, there's no indication that Farage requested compensation. The perpetrator was told to pay him compensation.
Sorry Togo, cross-posted.
Then AOG has a point.
What about the other (TWO!!) milkshake perpetrators?
What other two?
Nigel is a pretty sharp dresser and £350. would no where near cover the cost of that suit, he should have been fined at least £1,000.
There was more than one milkshake attack. Tommy Robinson was filmed receiving not one, but two milkshakes to the frant. Both times, the thrower of the milkshake was caught on film. Why is the police not striving for compensation from those?

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Expensive Milk Shake....

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