Here's A Couple Of Savages To Look Out For In A Few Years.....

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ToraToraTora | 14:27 Tue 18th Jun 2019 | News
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I hope they are not classed as British, because it once again just gives the British a bad name.
Scum like this doesn't belong to a human label such as "British" or any other nationality. These boys are scum, there is nothing more to it.
They look a right pair of k***heads !! Wish they'd got longer.
I hope the training order works.
Their names don't suggest British roots.
Maybe family influence is more effective than where one's born ? Or would a rose with any other name, smell as sweet ?
OG, you do seem a bit obsessed with foreigners. There's bad kids in every country.
yeah but no but
British turn em out - badder !

(this is AB - nothing has to make sense - and usually doesnt)
These are here apparently. And it was not I who started the "British" discussion above.
Brexit will shove the like into their shells.

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Here's A Couple Of Savages To Look Out For In A Few Years.....

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