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on this subject, neither, Khan's a complete *** and considering the amount of killings in the US I'd say Trump's in a mighty glass house lobbing bricks. The basic problem is that we are in denial about Dodge city, we all know the cause, we all know how to deal with it but we are frozen to the spot by fear of being labelled with the R word.
10:59 Sun 16th Jun 2019
Do I have to be on either?
I am on the side of people in high places not behaving like children.
That’s an extremely small pool to choose from, bhg.
I think thessssh May be referring to Trump’s attack on Khan for the number of deaths in London. This is highly ironic considering that during the first year of Trump's presidency, guns were used to kill just under 40 thousand (yes....40,000) Americans, the greatest number of such deaths since the government began tracking them in 1979. And that’s not counting knife crime.
I am grateful I do not have to vote for either...
"in 2017, 39,773 people in the US lost their lives at the point of a gun...
When adjusted for age fluctuations, that represents a total of 12 deaths per 100,000 people – up from 10.1 in 2010 and the highest rate since 1996.
it compares with rates of 0.2 deaths per 100,000 people in Japan, 0.3 in the UK, 0.9 in Germany and 2.1 in Canada."

Trumpety Trump

/// London mayor Sadiq Khan said he was "sickened" following the death of the two teenagers. ///

"The deaths take the total number of murders in London in 2019 to 56.

This time last year there had been 77 homicides, 48 of which were stabbings."

What I can't understand about all this slaughter on our streets is the fact that the police do not manage to catch any of these killers and if they do we never get to know of any trials and convictions.
Anything to back up your assertion, ANOTHEOLDGIT?
When comparing murder rates I think it would be fairer to compare London with another city rather than a country.
When one person criticise another for murders in their jurisdiction, it’s probably a good idea to check some facts.
The 2017 gun-related death figures compared America to the UK and theirs was forty times our rate.
I doubt the man who tweeted about the Prince of Whales (sic) is interested in detail
Corby. Population UK approaching 67 million, population of US 327 million.
can we see them in the ring - kent Walton commentating, brian crabtree refereeing and the winner scoring 2 falls, 2 submissions or a knockout......
Mush, I think Trump might have a weight advantage there.
as usual, Trump's ignorance compares only to Katie Hopkins'.

He is perhaps confusing London with New York, an easy mistake for a US president to make.

The man in charge of policing New York is the mayor of New York. The man in charge of policing London is the home secretary, Javid, who might like to consider doing his current job before he applies for promotion.

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