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Pmqs Yes It Was On Tv Today

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gulliver1 | 12:43 Wed 08th May 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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As expected Keir Starmer wiped the floor with Dodgy Sunak.But it was heart warming to hear the losing party of Con MPs cheer the lost leader of their losing party every time he came to his feet....There's loyalty for you,



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And for a TORY Mp to pick the moment she was defecting to the Labour Party just as Rishi Sunak was about to get on his feet at PMQs was very good timing,,,Spot on.   Well done.

Clown, see you have hidden it in here so TTT wouldnt see it.

I saw it and I saw PMQs, I don't think Gulliver did though.

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YMB 12.50 Keep up   and try to engage first gear before taking the hand brake off OK.

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Rishi Sunak was stretching so far forward pointing his finger at Keir Starmer he almost touched the opposition Benches Almost like he couldn't wait to be sitting in them.Just as if he couldn't wait for the "End of" 😀😁😂🤣😃 lol.

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Wonder if the Tory MPs will have to shout louder  from the opposition benches ..just asking.

Did er Rishi have any supporters sitting behind him?

Did the Thpeaker thay: can I remind members that bringing in knives to the chamber is strictly forbidden let alone using them!


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Pmqs Yes It Was On Tv Today

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