Shamima Begum's Family Blame Britain For Failing To Protect Her From Being 'groomed' By Isis.

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anotheoldgit | 10:28 Fri 31st May 2019 | News
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So once again it's Britain's fault is it? Surely her family should be held responsible for what their child turned out to be.


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My playing field is perfectly level. It’s yours which has a defined slope to the left.
We are all descended from Apes and that’s what PP meant i.e. it was a long time ago. There was zero racism intended. Your effort to bizarrely turn that around by inventing a ‘what if’ scenario by referencing ‘Africans’ was completely unnecessary and diversionary.
AOG doesn’t debate at all tho. He either twists peoples comments with what are, frankly, weird ‘what ifs’ or calls people names.
It's a bit strong her family blaming the UK for their daughter's treachery. Her father, Ahmed Ali barely saw her or had contact with her.
He was a tailor,now retired ,and spent most of his time in Bangladesh during her childhood. He still lives in Bangladesh.
Perhaps lack of parental control and guidance should be the real contributing factor and blame should be directed at the parents.
There is some speculation that he was never legally married to his so called wife under English law so citizenship and leave to remain is an iffy issue. Perhaps the Home Secretary has more info than the press and that is why he happily revoked Begum's UK citizenship.
Do we really need a young treacherous prostitute and thief in our country? Even her Dad believes the UK is correct.
Yes I know Zacs. A most unreliable individual and no great asset to the UK either.He chops and changes like the wind.
Apparently Shemima Begum's brother in law believes the UK are correct.
Can’t really be an asset to the UK living in Bangladesh.
// Her father, Ahmed Ali barely saw her. He was a tailor,and spent most of his time in Bangladesh still living in there. //

I dont think it is anywhere in the Koran ( Nigh can tell us - she's a deep thinker) that fathers should abandon and ignore their kids.
Um and has anyone noticed? if the father wasnt there ( but was abroad where we all wanted him to be - see above) - then er you cannot blame him for radicalising his daughter ....

so it is one or the other
he was here and responsible for radicalising his daughter into a sister-in-hell
and or wasnt here and cannot be clamed for what his kids get up to
Seriously tho! (Ha ! this is AB remember)
I think the Sadge will say he misheard when called to account
that he thought that she was entitled to Bangla nationality
meant she had
and out came his pen and he cancelled her Britishness

You arent allowed ( as I think we now accept ) to make someone stateless and and he (the Sadge that is!) thought at the time he wasnt

upshot ? the document is a nullity and she is back to being British (as in the sense "always was")

I mean I wouldnt like my passport and nationality cancelled on the grounds that I can take my late father's
even tho at the time I was born in the fifties, it was quite clear I cdnt. (Birth not registered at the relevant High Commission)

or my mothers for that matter - even worse - I would join another 1.5bn - altho it would be easy to get lost .....

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Shamima Begum's Family Blame Britain For Failing To Protect Her From Being 'groomed' By Isis.

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