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Jordyboy9 | 21:49 Sun 26th May 2019 | News
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What has happened to the weather it’s the 26 th of May we are in balboa Spain it’s raining and cold normally the weather would be better than this.


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fall out from Brexit?
I'm in fuerteventura and it's been lovely.
Very rocky in balboa innit. (why is this in news?)
Lovely here in London......
"why is this in news?"

Probably because there is nothing else happening today.
Beautiful warm day yesterday, rainy but not too cold today. Sorry you are not having good weather Jordy,
Hot and humid 35 here in Myrtle Beach on a Memorial Day Weekend.
Just a temporary blip Jordy
A hot and sunny May in Ireland, must blame or thank climate change...more change to come....... :-)
Chilly, grey and damp in Plymouth...not terribly spring-like. Brrrr...!
Weve had some very warm days here near clacton Essex.
Humid, rainy and stormy in Hong Kong. Good weather for going for a drink somewhere.
Absolutely beautiful here, 24ºC and balmy breeze, not too humid yet only 33%, it is the very best time of the year.
All down to Global warming jordyboy.
I'm sure there's a song... always take the weather with you. I can't think by whom though.
Yes it must be global warming as it never ever used to rain in May anywhere in the world, especially not Spain...
This one?

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Still raining here but have never seen such a lovely clean city
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We have had a lovely day despite the weather,a sail up the river ,followed by a trip on the venicular rail ,never realised as this is our first time in Spain how much drinking goes on,I am loving it.

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