Why Is Olly Robins Still Involved

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cassa333 | 04:48 Tue 14th May 2019 | News
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His negotiating powers are ... give in and take no notice of leaving.

Why has he been sent back to get changes to the political declaration? Because if he, or basically any remainer, thinks the deal he brokered behind everyone’s back is a good deal they shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a negotiating table in their life time.

I would send someone who wasn’t an arch remainextremists or even a ‘bit of a remainer’. I would send the most ardent Brexiteer.


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o hello cassa
because Ollie is the only one still interested?

it seems obvious that it will go
euro elections - lab-con wiped out
change of PM
hard brexit

with quite a lot of 'too bad, we're doing it!'
Question Author
I like the sound of that PP.

But in all honesty this deal is diabolical and most right minded people know that. But he is still there at the top.

What does one need to do to get kicked out?
Declare yourself an ardent Brexiteer.
Question Author
I can declare myself whatever I like I am not in government or work there so have no say. Do keep up Zac.
I thought Zacs was answering your "What does one need to do to get kicked out?"question
I think these "Do keep up" comments which some use, mainly in News, may be seen as banter, but can sound a bit patronising and rude
"but can sound a bit patronising and rude"

Well, you are describing ZM to a T there!

I agree, Oily should not be involved, but Treason just doesn't get it. She will have to be dragged kicking and screaming from No10, Pretty much like Bottler.
It is plain to see that YMB has been attending the TGT" School of Name Calling" " Juvenile"
You need someone willing to ask the EU for Labour's demands so the deal can be rejected even more soundly than before.
Q; "What does one need to do to get kicked out?"
A; "Declare yourself an ardent brexiteer."
Seems plain enough to me that ZM was answering your question, cassa. Your reply was uncalled for and i think you owe ZM an apology.
we are not going to get anywhere while we have Vegans organising a BBQ, end of.
Olly Robbins is a Civil Servant. His job is to do what he's told.
well, they've sent Boris, they've sent Davis, how's that gone?

Brexiteers have proved hopelessly inept so far. Like any civil servant, Robbins will do as instructed by his masters, though privately he is probably tearing his hair at their combined blundering.
I was indeed answering cassa's question. Keep up (snigger).
The ardent Brexiteers surfed a populist wave to boost their own standing, but are now unwilling to accept responsibility, knowing there is no outcome that will not leave this country (you and me) worse off.

Davies and Johnson were swashbuckling heroes swarming the barricades, but don't want the burden of organising the tea fund now.

That is why it is left to remainers to try to salvage something: they actually care about the future.
They don't care whether we're worse off tho, JF. Apparently it's all worth it because we get our sovereignty back....and stuff.
jf85//knowing there is no outcome that will not leave this country (you and me) worse off.//
You cannot possibly know this.Until we have actually left no one can.You may have an opinion, but that is exactly what it is, your opinion.
Rees Mogg thinks it will take a mere 50 years to reap the benefits, just in time for little Centesimus's birth.

I was thinking more like 20 years myself, but those who think paradise will arrive the day after B-day are hallucinating.
"You cannot possibly know this.Until we have actually left no one can."

I wasn't stating it as fact. I was suggesting it as an interpretation of the post-referendum tactics of the leave campaigners. They were given first chance to do our deal but , as one, walked away.

It is indeed my opinion, but it is the actions of Johnson, Gove, Rees-Mogg, Davies et al that are reinforcing it in the absence of an effective opposition.
jf85 I f you are talking about May's deal, it is totally unacceptable to Brexiteers and some Remainers alike,

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Why Is Olly Robins Still Involved

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