Why Is Olly Robins Still Involved

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cassa333 | 04:48 Tue 14th May 2019 | News
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His negotiating powers are ... give in and take no notice of leaving.

Why has he been sent back to get changes to the political declaration? Because if he, or basically any remainer, thinks the deal he brokered behind everyone’s back is a good deal they shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a negotiating table in their life time.

I would send someone who wasn’t an arch remainextremists or even a ‘bit of a remainer’. I would send the most ardent Brexiteer.


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Thanks for the reminder, jno. Fifty years to reap benefits. How long have we suffered membership waiting for the 50-year boost? Is our future to consist of 40-year cycles of waiting for jam, only to change our status as the delivery truck loads up with jars of raspberry or blackcurrant?
"it is totally unacceptable to Brexiteers and some Remainers alike"

As I have said many times, yet it is portrayed by the media as a remainer conspiracy. It would remove our ability to contribute to future policy decisions, so would be a disaster for remainers, but that is not the point.

We have the deal on offer because none of the pro-leave titans wants to be associated with the disaster of Brexit. They have shown willing to take big pay cuts rather than deliver what they promised.

The actions of principled politicians? I am not persuaded.

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Why Is Olly Robins Still Involved

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