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Should Gavin Williamson Press For A Criminal Investigation?

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barney15c | 15:47 Thu 02nd May 2019 | News
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He says he is innocent, but Government want to sweep under carpet, if he wants to be vindicated, should he press for a criminal investigation, and try to find the real leak. If a civil servant had done this they would be facing criminal proceedings.


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for what crime? At the most it's defamation and that's civil.
// for what crime? //

Potential breach of the official secrets act.
We’ve enough to worry about. He did what he shouldn’t (allegedly) and was rightly sacked. End of the matter.
ICH, what if he's done nothing wrong?
He wants a criminal investigation which as I said elsewhere may well be because he knows it won’t go anywhere.
Officially, he has gone because the PM feels she can’t trust him any more. That is her understandable right no matter what else you might think. No one has explicitly “you’re a liar” or similar.
I don’t think it’s a question of sweeping it under the carpet. Just a question of moving on.
Give him his day in court if he believes he is innocent. The Tory party are so 'stab in the back' merchants at the moment tht I would like May's allegation investigated thouroughly by Independent authority and not Tory snides. Indeed a schoolboy expression, when he swore on his children's life, but surely entitled to try and clear his name if he feels that strongly he is innocent. If the intelligence service have clear evidence that he is in breach of the OSA, if he is actually bound by it as a cabinet minister, then he should be allowed to fight his case.
The new Defence Secretary, was at one time in her life a" Magicians Assistant" . Is she now going to show "The Consevative Party " how to shake the "Magic Money Tree"? .
Mr Williamson is unlikely to succeed in pursuit of an investigation -

Instigating such a procedure is only within the remit of the government, and it depends on whether or not they feel that the breach did 'serious damage', and in this case, their stated position is that they do not feel that this is the case on this occasion.
oh god typical AB crazy stuff
a supposed criminal doesnt wander into a police station and say try me try me jesus

he (the supposed criminal) can try it ( pun intended and enjoyed)
and the police usualy show the supposed criminal the door.

if a civil servant had done this .....
o *** bolluz why do I have to take this seriously?

if someone else had done this - it could be investigated and then the CPS would decide whether to bring a case on standard criteria.....
which are OBVIOUSLY not fulfilled in this case = non-starter

there's a full moon outside isnt there, and AOG hasnt even started howling yet
// Give him his day in court if he believes he is innocent. //
erm you are ex police
where do you get this sort of crap from?

both you and I know there isnt a right to be prosecuted if a crim demands it - so why suggest it as a course of action ? jesus

like- durr
Prosecution is not in the public interest - he would get a token punishment at best, is no longer in a position to repeat the offence, nobody was harmed, no clear financial loss directly attributable to the incident (might change if Huawei get riled, but still not readily measurable).

Not in the national interest - chance of further disclosures, nothing to gain.

It might suit Williamson himself to make a fuss, but benefits nobody else.
"Instigating such a procedure is only within the remit of the government"

The 2008 Official Secrets Act says, "no prosecution for an offence under this Act shall be instituted in England and Wales or in Northern Ireland except by or with the consent of the Attorney General or, as the case may be, the Advocate General for Northern Ireland."

The Attorney General or Advocate General needs to consent to a prosecution but does no need to initiate it and both are independent of Government.
PP, he could perhaps try going to an employment tribunal and claiming unfair dismissal
He's not an employee or a worker so he'd not get far with the Tribunal.
Went to the wrong school, possibly?

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Should Gavin Williamson Press For A Criminal Investigation?

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