Are You Boycotting Your Usual Party In The Forthcomming Council Elections?

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ToraToraTora | 13:05 Mon 22nd Apr 2019 | News
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I don't have a usual party, really. Plus, with respect to the local elections at least, are the "Brexit Party" even able to stand? I was under the impression that candidates in the locals had already been selected, meaning equally that I can't vote for any Chang UK candidate.
Doubt it. The only one I usually vote for, is the only one campaigning. If parties can't be bothered to let me know what they're about, then they won't get me vote.

Now, a General Election.......
The Electoral Commission has to approve the registration of a party name for that name to appear on the ballot paper.

If approval is not given in time, the candidates cannot use the party's name but can stand as independents.
I'll have to see whether my local candidates support independence from Britain. High time London seceded.
The locals don't have the Brexit Party candidates just the EU ones at present. I will try to do d a leave supporting party but will struggle so probably won't vote in the locals out of protest. .... unless there is an overriding reason that is.
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so you want indendence from Britain but not the EUSSR jno? Right oh! what part of Scotland are you from?
First I have heard of forthcoming council elections. I have just had my polling card for the European elections but not a sniff of local.
No, I’m going to vote for Labour as I always do. I’m in a very Conservative area so it might not make any difference anyway.
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even with all COB's shenanigans you are still going to vote Labour? wow!
I vote differently in the local elections.
I will vote for the candidates who make themselves known to me and agree with my take on local issues that affect our community.

In a local election I vote for the person I think is better for the local community, not for a party.
danny, in the EU elections you can only vote for a party not an individual - unless that is, he/she is an independent
I have already cast my vote (postal) in the local elections and have voted the way that I always do. I will boycott the European election as a protest.
In the EU elections I will be voting for the Brexit Party candidate.
I've decided to vote Norwegian.
I can basically vote how I like. It won’t make much difference. The only time my vote went to the winner was when the Lib Dem candidate won and Clegg jumped into bed with Cameron, so that went well...
none of the parties round here are door-stepping, and only one - labour - have bothered leafletting. and that wasn't extolling what the party could do for the local electorate, rather it was pointing out the shortcomings in the national governing party (from which I deduce that labour are only not incompetent by dint of not having the opportunity to prove it yet).

so they can all whistle.
Brexit Party, what else?
I'd be from the London part of Scotland, obviously. It's time these freeloading rustics made their own way in life without being subsidised by hard-working Londoners.

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Are You Boycotting Your Usual Party In The Forthcomming Council Elections?

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