Are You Boycotting Your Usual Party In The Forthcomming Council Elections?

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ToraToraTora | 13:05 Mon 22nd Apr 2019 | News
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Good for you, ric.

Neither Leavers nor Remainers should vote for the two main parties. Remainers should vote for neither because both stood on manifestoes which involved leaving the EU (to a greater or lesser degree). Leavers should vote for neither because both have conspired to reduce Brexit to terms which amount to not leaving at all.

Me? I'll not vote in European elections. I haven't done so for as long as I can remember because I learned long ago that the European "Parliament" is not worthy of the name. Even if I had voted in the past I would not do so now because 52% of those who voted (me included) chose to leave that organisation three years ago. I can't see the logic in voting for a powerless representative (whom I cannot select by name) to an organisation I have no desire whatsoever to be involved with.
Disagree with you totally on this, NJ.

Can I persuade you to reconsider?

The only way Leavers can express their anger is by turning out in force for the EU elections and voting for any of the Brexit parties. Seventeen million of us ought to be making that point. Abstention and a low turn-out will not be seen by the Rump Parliament as a protest, but as an indication either of apathy, or a newly discovered readiness by "sensible" Brexiteers to accept a "deal". And it will certainly be represented as such by all the expert political analysts (i.e. EU propagandists) working in the mainstream media.

I'm urging high turnout. In the case of the EU elections with PR: vote Brexit. In a general (i.e. first past the post) election, assuming we get one soon, same advice: vote Brexit where a candidate is available, or a spoiled ballot where one is not.

This is not the time for any Brexiteer, least of all one of its most vigorous champions, to leave the battlefield and sulk in his tent.

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Are You Boycotting Your Usual Party In The Forthcomming Council Elections?

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