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Oh dear the COB apologists are a one aren't they!
I see Laurel an Hardy are very active on this post today ,thought they would have been too busy running the L/A.
//Corbyn is a patriot//

With patriots like him this country doesn't need enemies.
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Thank you to the person that corrected my username in bainbrig's 14.01 post.

But it seems that accusing a fellow ABer of supporting Fascism, is still quite acceptable and doesn't breach AB's rule on name calling.
Threads like this are really difficult to talk about because even a hint of sympathy for the principle of rule of law, and the principle that fair and due legal process should be accessible to all, whether or not they can afford it, are important to stand up for. In this case, for example, the question of whether or not the government can strip someone of their citizenship (and thereby potentially make them stateless) without necessarily being accountable for it is surely an important one to test, whether or not you agree that Shamima ultimately deserves such punishment.

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Jeremy Corbyn Supports Shamima Begum.

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