So Much For Peaceful Protest....

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ToraToraTora | 09:19 Tue 16th Apr 2019 | News
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Must be good to have so much time on your hands. Wonder how they got to London?


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V8 Range Rover probably.

Or flew down.
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A quick post on AB hardly equates to camping out to deliberately obstruct those trying to get to their business and earn a crust to pay taxes to no doubt fund some of these great unwashed.

But then I guess that's too hard for you to work out.
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Only 4 answers so far, two of those by the op, and already 2 removed.
AOG, at least one of those posts was spam.
Soap dodgers, the lot of them.
All they've achieved is disruption.
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......also they have caused a huge increase in emissions with all the traffic jams etc they have caused, nice job!
Where are Boris's water cannons now that we need them?
Khant got rid of them (Speaking of which where is he?)

Shame we could have dispersed the crowd and given them a good wash - Two birds one stone etc.
They did it here In York a few month ago. I and many other drivers’ used a lot of extra fuel trying to get around them
It's the Great British Spring Clean at the moment. I wonder how many of them gave their time to litter picking or beach cleans? That would have been far more productive than causing chaos in London.
But that would be useful 237

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So Much For Peaceful Protest....

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