Food Could Be A Human Right In Scotland

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cassa333 | 08:07 Mon 15th Apr 2019 | News
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When people take responsibility for their life the people won’t need to rely on a legalised ‘human right’ from the government.

So a woman has to walk a six mile round trip to the nearest low cost supermarket. Try a six mile walk just to carry the water you need for the day.

I’m sorry if you think this sounds harsh but when did we simply stop taking responsibility for ourselves and expect someone else to do it for us?


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Obviously a single parent, god, how I loathe that well worn expression.

Poor idle cow, benefits late and waiting for food delivery, good job there are still a few taxpayers, like me, left to foot the bill.
Let them eat Haggis, as long as they hunt and slaughter them themselves.
Surely food is already recognised as a right. But there are plenty of places to live in the UK where food can be purchased, and a welfare system already exists. Is this a non-story regarding no change ?
It’s illegal for anyone but Scots to hunt and kill haggis anyways
Dont worry, no one else would want to!

Almost right, Steg. Remember that a morris dancing qualification or a tattoo of St George slaying the dragon (must be applied to left buttock) will get soft southerners a day pass to join the hunt.
A bit like a provisional licence
probably spent most of her dosh on Cigs and an Iphone.
And white lightening TTT.
Sound like a bit of jealousy coming through there
I was going to go on and say that 'haggis' is, to some of our slower-witted members, comparable with a second rate comedian falling back on 'Hobnob' for a cheap and desperate laugh.

In conclusion, control freakery.
I like haggis.
And porridge...if you have a box of porridge you're not going to starve.
I know some people ( scottish) born and bred who receive LUXURY food hamers from England ever week .
Oi Oi!! Less of the Haggis hunting please...
It's ok if you're a DJ, they have special exemption.

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Food Could Be A Human Right In Scotland

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