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Good god almighty, absolutely crazy.

However, the Mail has now learnt that British taxpayers will help pay for her court battle to return, even though Begum has not applied for legal aid herself, nor formally instructed lawyers.

Lawyers out to make a few quid !
She'll probably have Cherie Booth representing her.
We know where she skulks. Get the Drones warmed up for God's sake.
LOL, stands a very good chance ^^^^^^^ especially if her and Mr Bliar want to buy yet another house.
There must be a special dispensation for acolytes.
I look forward to leniency towards neo Nazis acolytes, Leninist acolytes and of course Rees-Moggolytes
Sorry, that is ridiculous and unfair. Why should we pay for her legal cost, when innocent people over here can't get it.
I think she’s proably safer staying where she is.
My ghast is flabbbered,What next? Pay her air fare to the UK?
If it is taxpayer's money surely those with their hands on the pause strings can stop this.

But then it has always been the same foreigners get looked after better in this country than our own British citizens.
One should have access to justice and be able to protest having one's citizenship revoked; but surely the cost must be minimal to be told you are able to have citizenship of other nations and you've acted in a way that results in being banished from here, so no point in pursuing this matter further.
OG, her lawyers have instigated this without her knowledge apparently.
As is the trolling garbage from Gromit, this is no surprise.
It would appear from this that in reality it is her family who have been granted legal aid in a round about way.

/// He added: ‘I represent the family who initially brought the case on behalf of Shamima Begum, but the family are not entitled to legal aid – the legal aid is for Shamima Begum alone.’ ///

/// Even though Begum is no longer a British citizen, legal aid rules state that funding should be available if the case is held in a British court and you have no means to pay. ///
Hate to say it, it was explained on BBC R4 this morning that anybody, Johnny or Joanna Foreigner can apply for Legal Aid if the case involved the British courts.
Just saw her lawyer speaking on the news this lunchtime. He is an old friend of the Begum family. I am disgusted. Legal aid is really difficult to get these days and this has been wangled.
It's an absolute disgrace that British taxpayers are going to have to the pay the cost of her appeal. She knew what she was doing when she went over there. She should stay where she is.
I agree it's totally ridiculous. The rules need changing PDQ before any more try and take advantage.
I've just read that Jeremy Corbyn is now supporting her claim for Legal Aid.

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