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Bazile | 13:57 Thu 11th Apr 2019 | News
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I myself had forgotten about him

//Home Secretary Sajid Javid tweeted: "I can confirm Julian Assange is now in police custody and rightly facing justice in the UK." //

//Ecuadorean president Lenin Moreno said the country had "reached its limit on the behaviour of Mr Assange" after he intervened in the internal affairs of other states.

Mr Moreno said: "The most recent incident occurred in January 2019, when WikiLeaks leaked Vatican documents.

"This and other publications have confirmed the world's suspicion that Mr Assange is still linked to WikiLeaks and therefore involved in interfering in internal affairs of other states."//


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well the bloke's a monumental pl0nker for biting the hand that fed him!
"for biting the hand that fed him!"

Superfluous TTT :-)
didn't he start a law suit against Ecuador whilst sheltering in their Embassy? I'm amazed they didn't shove him straight out the door then!
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Just out of interest - is he the only one from Wikileaks , that they are after ?
Well the Swedes were after him as well for alleged rape accusations but I think they were going to drop it.
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What i mean was , for leaking / disclosing information
He is to appear in court which will include a US request for extradition.
The Swedish charges expired.
He’s wanted in the UK for bail infringements.
The US interest was pretty downbeat and related to leaks for which Bradley/Chelsea Manning was jailed on much more serious charges so the chances he’d face the death penalty are more or less non existent I’d have thought.
The Trump administration seems to have stepped up the pressure. Maybe Trump’s and Assange’s mutual friend Mr Farage can put in a word for him :-)
It always seemed more likely that he’d be safer from extradition to the US in Sweden but of course he didn’t want to go there :-)
He’s a rank hypocrite and fraud Assange and I hope the US won’t try to extradite him
because all that will do is keep him in the spotlight. Which he doesn’t deserve.
The one thing he seems to be most reviled for in the USA is to expose the US military's use of Iraqi civilians for "fun" and target practice purposes and, allegedly, that is why they want him extradited to the USA. That being the case I hope the USA does not get its way because the material (and the truth with it) that was exposed (and perhaps thereby the reason for the USA's anger) needed to be made thoroughly public - the hypocrisy of the USA accusing numerous other nations, etc. of cruel, unlawful, etc. behaviour needed to be put on show for what it is.
The Iraq stuff got a lot of publicity but the real menace of Assange and his cohorts is the sheer lack of respect for confidentiality of eg diplomatic communications.
Once that’s compromised then you inhibit all frank discourse and advice to governments.
// he seems to be most reviled for in the USA is to expose the US military's use of Iraqi civilians for "fun" and, it is said, that is why they want him in the USA.//

trump also didnt like him for exposing the crying angel program ( tv's set to listen to the room - shades of the blip-wert problem of Max Headroom) even tho it had had heavy exposure in tv dramas
the good wife and wire in the blood spring to mind

sony teevees in case anyone was wondering
Donald Trump has a short ... memory:
“What’s wiki leaks” he asked, plainly forgetting that at the time that organisation was stealing Democratic Party emails he had crowed: “I love wikileaks”

It looks like the second woman Assange is accused of raping may now speak up and the Swedish police reopen the investigation as it hasn’t expired like the first.
I hadn’t realised the alleged extent of Assange’s treachery in the US. Whether he actually will eventually be extradited tho remains to be seen. He might have to go via Sweden.
Jeremy Corbyn says he shouldn't be extradited to the US.

The actual charge he is wanted for in the US is computer hacking.
I note that Naomi's link stated that if extradited to the U.S. their may be more serious charges found for him to answer.
A sort of hint was'Channing's leaks put people's lives in danger' It was suggested he could spend decades in the clink.
I suggest Jeremy Corbin spend a few months in the company of this individual: then he’ll be begging the US to take him :-)
Whether he should be extradited or not depends on the courts.
What is certain is that he should face justice, and that is long overdue.

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