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hey do you remember Rowan and Martins laughin? 1968
the fella ( arte johnson) in the german helmet ?

Tora talks about being deluded ?
( turns to camera )
( exhales cigarette)

[the old ones are the best]
oh thank god for you tube

Has Trump got wind in that picture or has she pinched him somewhere with her left hand?

Anyway,she could flaunt her assets to the judge (should she be able to think on her feet!)
think i'd find something more interesting to do if i was worth $350m
Why is it deluded?
Anything for more attention and publicity in new sectors of the market. No she isn't deluded, anyone who hires her is.
Why is anyone who hires her deluded?
Know much about Kim K?
Do you, Spath?
Probably about as much as you know Spath!
That's a no then. RR can you stop following me around AB like a wasp at a picnic?
Perhaps if you stopped posting nonsense!
just ignore me then? Ironically you and RR make a decent team. Where one is, the other soon follows.
lol princess!

She has apparently got an IQ of 135 significanlty higher than most on here!
We aren't a team.
you're the kidna woman to ask to speak to the manager aint ya
but if we were - we would be the A team
IQ does not always equate with common sense.(PS it is less than mine)
Talk About Deluded!

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Talk About Deluded!

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