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ToraToraTora | 16:11 Tue 09th Apr 2019 | News
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I never thought I'd be wishing that another EU leader would tell ours where to go! This whole brexit game throws up some strange alliances doesn't it? We could be out in 3 days!


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// Please Angela, Tell Her To Go Forth and multiply//

but not in Hun or the forrin they speak there (German, hunnish or somefing, yeah)
because no one on this site will understand !
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ah twopee me ole china fanx for yer elp guvna!
Frau Merkel will be very keen to see the UK remain (preferably forever but for a good time to come if not). The German economy is about to hit the air conditioning soon and many other EU (particularly eurozone) economies are exhibiting considerable stress. She does not want to see the type of ridiculous aggro (and which will undoubtedly prevail in he short term until wiser heads hold sway) which has been forecast to follow a "disorderly" Brexit. (Incidentally, I like that term and may take to using it more).
always ready to translate and interpret 3T !
I don't like the terms 'orderly' And 'disorderly' Brexit, prefer deal or no deal, particularly no deal.. I didn't like the bit that read 'EU leaders are unlikely to refuse a further extension'. We'll never be out.
altho it was obvious from the start that the EU was negotiating from its own point of view and the individual countries can go hang

it is only recently that the individual countries - Germany , France Ireland have realised they will foot the bill

[jawohl baby]
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no need twopee, I kan speek fruent PP me ole china!
Dad, Dad, I can see the sea!

No son, that's what they call a Mirage.
Even if the EU by some reason of derangement said no more extension we would have to remain as our parliament rushed through an act of parliament to force a no deal brexit.
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err no cassa, do keep up, we leave on Friday unless they bring forth another SI to extend the date. Mrs Balls motion last week was merely to force the PM to request another extension.
One can live in hopes.
But there are other member country leaders that might want a conclusion more than they want the confusion extended.
"our parliament rushed through an act of parliament to force a no deal brexit"

Wishful thinking.
As a matter of fact the bill does not as I understand it mean that we can’t leave on Friday. It meant that the OM was legally obliged to ask fir an extension which she had done.
However the EU can now point to that Bill and say to the PM that there is some decision at least which your parliament has taken so we will facilitate that by forcing you to take our offer of a “flextension” of up to a year. Upon which needless humiliation the PM should resign.
Is she forced by the Bill to accept that offer if it comes?
Probably. Hopefully.
Question Author
or...ich ..... she could say no way jose and we leave Friday!
She could but there’s the possibility that the Bill makes it legally questionable. Perhaps. I’m not sure. If the EU do say “get lost” then that is a different matter.
I’ve not studied the terms of the Bill in detail.
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no the Bill compells here to ask, nothing about accepting it regardless.
If she is offered it and turns it down I can see then there being a vote motion to cancel Article 50.
I can’t see her turning down the offer of an extension though. Even by recent standards that would be bizarre.
Checks on the border matter more to the EU than they do to Ireland. In fact long term they matter more to the UK than they do to Ireland also despite what is currently being said as the last thing the UK wants is an open land border with the smelly old EU :-)
However the EU has sided with the Irish on this - which given the above is kind of the reason for the reassurance I suppose.
Sorry wrong question!

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