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ToraToraTora | 16:11 Tue 09th Apr 2019 | News
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I never thought I'd be wishing that another EU leader would tell ours where to go! This whole brexit game throws up some strange alliances doesn't it? We could be out in 3 days!


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|I'm talking about a "flextension" ich.
BBC R2 just opened with 'Angela Merkle has suggested that Brexit could be delayed until the end of the year'.
They’ll offer what they’ll offer, if they do. A flexible arrangement accommodates the UK’s original request (which was I believe in fact for the one date they had actually said no to!)
If the UK goes to Brussels and asks for it and gets it and then says well actually we’d rather not then I think that would possibly entitle Brussels to diagnose us all as mad as hatters.
If this was for example Cyprus trying to leave the commonwealth and there had been all this palaver we’d rightly be calling them everything. So the EU us.
The default position should be we stay if no agreement reached, not we leave. This is one of the three albatrosses that’s crippled the whole process. The others being the referendum result which few mainstream politicians are brave enough to call in question. And the fact that there is a hung Parliament.
In most negotiating scenarios you carry the threat of walking away: in this one there is only one exit and it’s one that both sides are heading for as the default: hand in hand over the cliff together but crucially one side having a lot further to fall.
The EU (Withdrawal) Act 2019 does indeed only mandate the PM to seek a further extension, and says nothing about the aftermath. In fact, the only sections that focused on the possible aftermath were removed from the bill.

In the event, the motion it forced the government to table has merely given Parliament a chance to vote on the 30th June exit date (passed by a 310 majority as a type, the ERG presumably voting against), which is rather disappointing, because (a) Theresa May had already proposed this date (twice), and (b) that rather defeats the point of having this Act in the first place, which I had understood to be to hand to Parliament the question of whether or not to request a further extension. In pre-empting the Bill's passage into Law, Theresa May has again acted rather shamefully, although in refusing to suggest another date, Parliament has again merely enabled this.

Still, at least this time there can be no meaningful doubt as to the legality of requesting a Brextension, as statute has been created to force the PM to do what she could probably have done anyway, by executive powers.

As to what happens afterwards: more likely than not, the EU will offer some flexible terms to allow for whatever time the UK needs to get its act together. If it does not, it should be abundantly clear that the will of Parliament has been to reject a "No Deal" exit. Therefore, do not be surprised if legislation is once again rushed through over Thursday and Friday, giving the PM the power to revoke Notification.
The Kraken is wide awake and we are firmly in its grasp.
Calamari anyone?
Thank goodness for that. I honestly thought they had an act of Parliament to stop a no deal Brexit.

Mind you I think we are going to get a years worth of extension and when they fanny around for the next year get another.

As if the EU are going to say 'take off'
I don't for a minute swallow this good cop bad cop routine from Merk and Mac either.
// Sorry wrong question! //
fits in OK to the tenor of this thread

anything wrong with teresa - getten zie out !
Seems like the EU are minded to see this farce continue. Perhaps they're hoping for one more year's subscription to the madhouse.

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