Would You Trust Your Kids With This "doctor"?

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ToraToraTora | 16:39 Tue 09th Apr 2019 | News
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Guilty of GNM yet still allowed back on the register? We cannot be that desperate for Doctors.


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No,I wouldn't trust her to find her way out of a phone box.
Not in a million years, Tora.....x
there seems to be more to the story than just her
If I had any children, no, I wouldn't. Too many cases of medical negligence are excused with a simple 'Sorry', and nobody is prosecuted for it.
No, she clearly wouldn't be my Dr of choice for my child, however the very worst thing happened to her, her lack of judgement / misdiagnosis / negligence caused the death of a child, so if she is reinstated then she will likely be the most careful Dr who could see him. Still though I'd be far, far happier with someone else and think it's possibly not in her own best interests to return to practice.
No, and I think once struck off should stay struck off !!
There is, Woof.....and even more guilty seems to be Dr. O'Riordan who soon scuppered away. He is as guilty as she is.......probably more so.
It's Leicester....I have far too much experience of the failings and short comings of Leicester hospitals to have any sympathy with any doctor who doesn't stand up and be counted when it matters...x
A resounding NO.
I feel quite sorry for her to be honest.
Balls! I don't have children but no fluffing way near my nieces.
You gotta have faith in the high courts discussion to reinstate her. That says more than a news article in my eyes. The circumstances also seem she's not entirely to blame.. There was miscommunication.
So you'd trust her?
Put it this way.. I trust her medical skills more than i trust my own. If my child needed a doc and she was all that was available, then so be it. She failed to recognise sepsis after 12 hours on the job with no break. The real issue here is lack of nursing staff.
Other people also saw the patient and a good point made in the artile in my opinion

"Dr Bawa-Garba was working in appalling conditions that day in an NHS hospital...there is a culture of blame in the NHS at the moment which, if left unchecked, will mean patient safety is not what it should be as staff will be too scared to admit their mistakes."

Would I trust her, No, not even to tend to my dogs, to be fair the kids are big enough and ugly enough to look after themselves ;o)
I'm sure was was tired but I have a degree in Astrophysics and quantum mechanics, I don't qualify as being a Doctor.
the strain on the medical system is intense, which is the real issue, but I totally understand your point, and in many many ways agree
I would far rather trust her to care for my children than one of her seniors who allowed that situation to arise. There should have been a second doctor on duty but they allowed her to shoulder all the responsibility. University Hospitals of Leicester have an appalling record on safety and patient care. I have been treated there twice and been disgusted on both occasions, but it is not front line staff who are to blame.
// there seems to be more to the story than just her//
3T - foo ! is dare ?

yup there sure is. This case is eight years old ( incredibly )

the difficulty with GBN is that you can screw effectively the last person standing when there is a gross systems failure - the doctor was the last person to treat the child but that does not mean she was at fault considering the mistakes made by those up the chain of command

both the criminal case and GMC case is personal ( Bawa Garda) and not concerned with what was happening in the paed service - which was admitted to be deficient
//I would far rather trust her, than one of her seniors who allowed that situation to arise.//

you seem to have got greater knowledge JF85
I was present at the GMC ebola case when a witness said -" I am not testifying, I am taking the fifth amendment!"
( english equiv of 'I am just about to be screwed for a related criminal offence)
and did the tribunal throw in the sponge and say that they had obviously got the wrong one?
Nope the whole charade continued for another week .... (suspension) and yes it looked as tho they had got the wrong one .....
didnt matter

such is justice in our times ....

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