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//it's near impossible for a new party to spring from nothing to a parliamentary majority.//

Correct Geezer. But after this debacle it is just possible, indeed likely, that a third party(ever heard that phrase before?) could take enough votes by not being partisan. But not by being anti EUSSR either......just by being pro UK. We need to smash the comfortable two party set up that betrays us all, and think about voting for the pivot of the see saw......UKIP. Live long and prosper.
It's not a minority of MPs though. And if it wasn't taking remainer viewpoints into account there wouldn't be this remainer deal May's been pushing for. I seem to be on the side actually paying attention.

Voting again for UKIP is not a reasonable option since Farage resigned as leader and the extremists took over. And one feels many are too wed to their lifelong party association, afraid the party they disapprove of will get in if they vote for someone else. Blaiklock/Farage's Brexit Party may be an option though, but if the public wouldn't vote UKIP in, are they now fed up enough with being treated with disdain to vote Brexit ?
Jim, // Stop pretending that your inability to understand what I think is because I'm being inconsistent. //

I don't pretend.
"In reality it lost because staunch Remainers and staunch Brexiteers couldn't vote for it"

And to explain why: Leavers couldn't vote for it because it did not entail leaving and Remainers wouldn't vote for it because they saw the ideal opportunity to kill Brexit (bearing in mind that "No Deal" would not be countenanced.) Simply put: We don't want "No Deal", we don't want this deal and no other deal is on offer.

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