Another Tory World-Beater - This Tine It's Deceit

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Canary42 | 15:23 Tue 28th Jun 2022 | News
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Yesterday the Tory legislation to unilaterally rip up the Northern Ireland Protocol passed its 2nd reading in the House of Commons, with not a single Tory MP voting against it.
That this atrocious Tory government is pushing ahead with a plan to rip up a deal that they themselves only just signed into international law is a terrible look for the UK.
Tearing up signed agreements before the ink is even dry, and defying international law to do it, obviously makes our country look profoundly untrustworthy on the international stage.
And it's also an implicit admission from the Tories that their entire "oven-ready" Brexit schtick during the 2019 General Election was a pack of lies, and that what they'd actually come up with is such a half-arsed shambles that they're busy retroactively rewriting it!
Anyone who paid attention to the later stages of the Brexit negotiations will know that the vast majority of Johnson's "oven-ready" Brexit was just lazily plagiarised from the economically ruinous Brexit bodge that Theresa May came up with, meaning she's heavily culpable for a lot of the economic stagnation, customs chaos, and employment shortages.
However the one major exception was the Northern Ireland Protocol, which was added onto Theresa May's shambolic Brexit plans under Johnson's watch, to draw a regulatory border down the Irish Sea, and get rid of the so-called "backstop".
So the one main alteration Johnson made to Theresa May's hopeless deal is the bit his government is now seeking to retroactively and unilaterally rewrite!
What this degrading shambles especially egregious is that Johnson outright lied to the British public in 2019 to claim he wasn't creating a border down the Irish Sea, when he clearly was, and now he's citing the Irish Sea border he said he wasn't creating as an excuse to defy international law by ripping up the Northern Ireland Protocol!
The fact that not a single Tory MP voted against this, means that they're all absolutely complicit in Johnson's lawlessness and lies.


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*Time for tine
You lost. Get over it.
Well, you got that off your chest, canary. Dastardly bounders! How dare they want what’s best for this country?!!
Blame your EUSSR buddies, they are forcing this by their intransigence.
Not even Theresa May?
She ripped it to shreds in her speech.
No actual arguments, I see, defending why the Government signed up to such a bad deal
^ yes it was a means to an end, it was put in by the EU as a requirement to make things awkward and deter others, also to get revenge

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Another Tory World-Beater - This Tine It's Deceit

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