Is Khan Passing The Buck By Shifting The Blame On To The Govt?

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DeeLicious | 21:21 Tue 05th Mar 2019 | News
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Maybe he has a point. EVERYBODY has suffered terrible funding cuts, including him.
He may be incompetent but is not a devil.
If he needs more money, he could always levy a mosque tax on those who have hurt our society so much.
And stand up to the critics.
we have to stop kicking this around trying to score political points of each other. This is a very serious complex issue that should not be kicked about as a political football. No It's not Khan's fault neither is it the government's. The situation like a festering sore has been allowed to go untreated and now it threatens the patient badly.
As the yellow vests in London sing every Saturday new mayor of London sadiq its for you to go!!
The Blame lies on the shoulders of Sajid Javid and the Con Government .They control the purse , and pull the strings.
but is the answer to throw money at it - ?

Victoire - he has many fathers - Defeat - 'ee 'as non !
//The Mayor accused the PM of "crocodile tears" over the epidemic of stab attacks sweeping Britain.//

No 'snap' decisions please.Serious thinking caps required.
PP, we should not a assume that throwing money at it will work alone, we must devise coherent measures. No I don't know what they are, which is why I asked on my own thread on this for some lateral thinking and above all, all sides should work together rather than trying to point score.
Major Khant does have to share some of the blame. He has been far more concerned with The Donald and bikini clad ladies on the walls of the underground than standing up to fight for something to be done.

Having said that TTT is correct. Time to put the political point scoring away and deal with the problem.

First area to sort out are TROB. Once they are out the way we can start getting tough.
Not sure money is the issue at all. The Met, now part of the liberal elite, are of course trying to score points on funding, but then they waste millions and whilst they can afford to have 900 people searching Internet for 'hate' crime then I have little sympathy with them.

We could assist Plod by cutting the paperwork.

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Is Khan Passing The Buck By Shifting The Blame On To The Govt?

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