Can We Put Our Heads Together And Suggest How To Deal With The Knife Situation?

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ToraToraTora | 14:52 Mon 04th Mar 2019 | News
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No doubt this will soon descend into a political slanging match but what I'm looking for here is outside the box ideas and suggestions, maybe other countries have schemes. It just seems that the powers that be are completely stumped by this.


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Some stats:


Place you are most likely to be a victim of knife crime: Inverclyde. Islington, the most likely place in London, is the 7th most likely place in the UK.
Ellipsis ...

Thanks for the stats - it is interesting to look at the figures. I will have another look when I am more alert.

It looks like if I stay away from Inverclyde I might be okay.
Most of us will be OK as we don't go roaming the streets at night.
My father was a Police Dog handler with a National Champion police Alsation in tracking and scent discrimination with a high arrest rate in London and Cyprus during the Eoka terrorist campaign. He was the 'Marines dog' seconded to 45 Marine commando with my dad in 1956. As good as he was he was unable to sniff out metal unless he was tracking the user/owner of a weapon and it had been discarded..Drugs and explosives are a different field of dog training but I am sure our Police Dog Joe could adapt.
More street sweeps and the judiciary be instructed by Government that they increase their sentencing guidelines. Capital Punishment for murder with a knife or firearm might just sway the balance in favour of the innocent victim for a change (Young girl stabbed in back by a black thug for instance. She was not a Gang member apparently)
//Most of us will be OK as we don't go roaming the streets at night//

Oh I see. We capitulate our streets to young feral murdering thugs in our own country and submit ourselves to a curfew. I cannot believe this.
retro - customs dogs can sniff out fake DVDs! But I agree that they need a scent to locate. Maybe the authorities can issue free knife cleaning oil and train the dogs to sniff it out. The dogs are sometimes limited by our lack of appreciation and understanding of their abilities and intelligence.

I don't feel that tougher sentences are going to have much effect on deterring these guys from carrying knives. They have no respect for themselves, for their family or for anyone else. They just want to be cool.'s happening in broad day light. Just look at the moped muggers!
I have said it before on here.

Education and punishment coupled with remove these 'rights' kids seem to think they have. We also need stop and search or vans with metal detectors in them.

So, carry a knife without good reason 5 years min (no early release)
Wield a knife you took out with you 10 years (no early release)
Use a knife you took out with you 15 years (no early release)
Kill with the knife you took out with you the rope.

Will it stop it entirely - no, some will always continue. Will it slow it down yes - because those that wont listen get locked up and eventually the message gets through.

Then education, for starters lets get the teachers back in charge of schools. Tell the brats and their equally righteous brattish mememe parents to get back in their box.
'Oh I see. We capitulate our streets to young feral murdering thugs in our own country and submit ourselves to a curfew. I cannot believe this.'

Retro, where did I mention a curfew?
You have extrapolated my comment about not roaming the streets at night into me wanting a curfew?
My comment was in response to Wolf's comment about staying away from Inverclyde. Please do not put words into my mouth. Thank you.
Education, zero tolerance, severe punishment.

Seconded Ludwig.
Education. Back to the Grammar, Secondary Modern and Technical Schools.Give these kids a sense of purpose in life. The tendency today is to lump them all together in the Comprehensive system.
These gang members are probably like one big family. Born on the same estates, go to the same primary schools and then all herded together into overcrowded comprehensives. Leave school early afternoon and wander back to the same estates. Parents either still at work . That's if they do work. Kids left to their own devices gathering in groups ,meeting up again with the same people they have been with all day.
There must be some bright kids in that group who desperately would like to break away from the gang but fear of reprisals has a hold on them so they stay put. They have to prove themselves and probably have initiation ceremonies. God knows what they have to do.
At least with the three tier system of education, the bright kids would get the chance through a Grammar school education to realise their ambitions and at least get the chance to try for whatever they would like to be.The Secondary Modern would cater for the semi-professions and the Technical Schools would provide the necessary skills for the numerous trades. I would bring back Work Experience,Day release and Evening classes. At least it would separate the gang members during the day and give the kids the opportunity to attend different schools and meet up with children from other areas and different backgrounds. I would also encourage kids to join Cubs, Scouts, Guides. Start youth clubs and camping trips,boxing clubs . Activity holidays .The list is endless. Back in the day I don't recall any issues regarding funding etc. Most youth workers were volunteers and the buildings were Church halls etc. All children are different and have varied needs . But they all need to feel valued .
We have always had gangs of kids hanging around on the streets at night but whereas they would probably be indulging in kicking a ball around, having a crafty fag or a can it's now developed into a serious matter and something has to be done -Now.
I have listened to the present headline news, yet it has all been just namby-pamby words, describing these vivacious, sadistic killers as children, young boys etc etc. who should be listened to and educated into the reasons for their actions.
Absent fathers , lack of youth facilities, austerity etc, even on here someone suggested that they should be encouraged to join the cubs and scouts lol.
The law that tells us that they can't be named or recognised because they are under aged, they should receive very harsh sentences and named and shamed the same as all killers.
As regards the black killer who stabbed that young white girl in the back, if it had been a white man who had killed a black girl in such a way, all hell would now be taking place.
The trouble of it is that the police are *** scared of being classed racist.
The problems this once
pleasant country is now experiencing is all down to unrestricted importation of foreign cultures to this land of ours.
I am pleased to read that a number of other AB'ers write in support of my constant mantra that education will start to eradicate the issues in society.

But nothing is simple here.

It's not as simple as putting more police on the streets, although to deny that it would help in order to back up government policy, as the Prime Minister is doing, is farcical. She should have the courage to admit that the lower police numbers are having a serious effect on the ability of the police to place officers on the streets where knife-holders are, and are using their knives.

Nor is it as simple as increasingly draconian punishments. Knife-carrying youths are caught up in a mythical culture where 'respect' is everything. They don't actually know what 'respect' is of course, they think it is fear, which it clearly is not, but they carry knives to 'earn respect', and carried knives become used knives far too easily and often.

But the notion of deterrent does not enter their thinking - except maybe to brag that they laugh at the idea of prison, and that it will only add to their street cred.

We are dealing with immature young people in difficult circumstances but that should never be offered as an excuse for murdering people.

The issue needs to be addressed on a number of fronts, and accepting that will be a step towards dealing with it - and the PM admitting failures and stopping trying to avoid embarrassment, would open quite a few doors to practical solutions, that remain closed because of her obstinacy.

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