Can We Put Our Heads Together And Suggest How To Deal With The Knife Situation?

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ToraToraTora | 15:52 Mon 04th Mar 2019 | News
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No doubt this will soon descend into a political slanging match but what I'm looking for here is outside the box ideas and suggestions, maybe other countries have schemes. It just seems that the powers that be are completely stumped by this.


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It's very difficult. You can't tell if someone is carrying a knife.
I was listening to a mother whose son had been stabbed to death and she was absolutely right when she said we shouldn’t be relying on the police to solve the because it stems from the culture of the community and the attitude within it. I think if we want to get anywhere at all we have to be honest and start at the root.
It is not a matter of the knife which is a problem it is the people, mainly youths, that wield these knives.
So the question should be how do we deal with these "youths?"
Invariably the perpetrators are black and one must reassess, the process of selective immigration.....a bit late now.
Youths have total disregard for authority, discipline and a work ethic and more importantly, we should reinstate corporal punishment, the inhibition of which has been a total disaster.
In a whole, we have left it far too late to realise and reverse our past mistakes as a society as a whole.
Other youths are copying it like it's some sort of status symbol.
As Sqad wrote.Too late to educate the perpetrators but make an example of them.
There used to be areas/communities where you were an 'outsider' if you did not carry a knife . Thankfully, that has largely dissappeared !
Eddie, //Thankfully, that has largely dissappeared ! //

How do you know that? You live in an area where you've just claimed it never happens ... although it does.

I did see earlier what appeared to be a suggestion that basic carpentry could be one way of diverting energies.

I may have misunderstood though.
Make the penalties severe enough to deter them from carrying a knife.
I think doing wheelies on a mountain bike would help.
I thought it was still was the situation that a court gave a harder or longer sentence if the culprits were carrying a knife? Has that now been overturned ?
cmon the actual answer is make sure ur kids aint murderers surely? If i had a kid and he went out with a knife i'd not let him out simple.

It's called parenting.
Eddie, that is when they have actually committed a crime.What is needed is to deter them from carrying a knife.
How would you know if a teenager had a knife, spath?
Spath - do you think your child would admit they were carrying a knife? These are often can't get a baby sitter for them every time you need to leave the house.
Spath //It's called parenting.//
How many teenagers are you parenting at the moment?
Most stabbings are happening because youths feel they're being disrespected and are being egged on by their mates not to stand for it. I think it's time parents had a talk with their kids. If they're like this on the streets full of aggression, then they're like it at home talking bad to their family.
My sons were respectful, communicative and friendly in the home and if they were otherwise, I would have said, this is not right and try to sort it out.
Stop and search , longer prison time. Many more appropriate police people. Education at a very early age.
"If i had a kid and he went out with a knife i'd not let him out simple"

In which case he wouldn't be going out with a knife, so you'd have no reason to keep him home, but then his movements would no longer be restricted so he could go out with a knife, so you'd keep him in, which means he wouldn't be going out with a knife, so ...

I like simple solutions like that. Nobody ever allowed out in case they took a knife, but then he could still stab you. Nobody would be able to help as they would all be stuck at home to prevent them carrying knives.

My head is throbbing. I might go for a nap.

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Can We Put Our Heads Together And Suggest How To Deal With The Knife Situation?

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