All Adults Will Be Presumed To Be Organ Donors …

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naomi24 | 08:45 Sat 02nd Feb 2019 | News
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…..unless they explicitly opt out.

//An opt-out system for organ donation will soon become law after it passed its last hurdle in Parliament.

Campaigners hope the new system will encourage us to make our wishes known before we die, with an online register for those opting out.

Research has shown more than 80 per cent of adults in England would definitely donate their organs or would consider doing so. However, only 37 per cent of Britons have registered as donors on the NHS Organ Donor Register and received a donor card.

However, Professor Chris Rudge, a leading transplant surgeon, has said he would opt out on the grounds that the State should not presume to take a citizen’s organs. Last year he said: ‘Organ donation should be a present … I am so horribly opposed to a change in the law.’//

Your thoughts?. For or against?


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If nothing else this thread shows that there's no limit to the insane flights of fancy embarked on by some.
10:40 Sat 02nd Feb 2019
ok I was a blood donor. got my 25 donations badge then was asked to stop going because I passed out after every donation and it worried the new does that entitle me to an organ and if so which one?
PS ZM, I have seen kidney donation issues from the inside. My husband would have been elegible for a donated kidney had he lived...I don't know whether he would have accepted it as he never got that far along in his recovery.
// will people who opt out be eligible for an organ transplant? //

jesus I think you opt back in when you get ill

will people who HAVE opted out at one time - ?
they will say that was then and this is now

there would be a larg-ish set not eligible or suitable - Hep B and Ca spring to mind - and would I accept a BM transplant even tho I cdnt donate - you bet I would

[yeah OK overthinking this one]
In my books it does not entitle to any organ except perhaps a blood transfusion as you have opted out.
That was then....this is now.
When I go my organs will be in such a state that they will be neither use nor ornament to any living soul.
Also I say again, its not organ donation that I am against its the concept that the state can say that it can have my body and do what it likes with it. That's not donation, that is harvesting.
With Sqad.
// ok I was a blood donor.//
so was I and then I got back from Egypt and they said ....
" its the concept that the state can say that it can have my body and do what it likes with it."

If there was no opt out option then you would be correct. However you do have the choice therefore you are wrong.
Question Author
//I am against its the concept that the state can say that it can have my body and do what it likes with it. That's not donation, that is harvesting.//

But the state can’t have your body and do what it likes with it. You have the opportunity to say ‘No’. Your failure to do that implies agreement. That’s not ‘harvesting’.
I agree with Chris Rudge, I will be opting out. When the state can force possession of our bodies it's a step to dystopia.
fine, lets do reductio ad absurdam..... a transplant operation requires blood. The no organ for non donors principle says that I can only have if you agree to organ donation but have never been a blood donor, can you only have an organ but no blood?

For the third time I say that it is not the donor program that I object to but the harvesting of organs which this law will allow. Assuming that there comes a point where eg corneas are not needed at the point where the harvestee dies, can the corneas still be taken and what would happen to them? Perhaps the NHS could flog them off to cover its deficit?
I love these posts where people blatantly ignore the fact that there’s an option and claim the state are some evil flesh harvesting monster. It makes I laaaarf.
I'd be a donor but I just don't trust the doctors playing god in the backs of ambulances. "He's dead enough, wip the bits out".
Look, there’s one now!
What will happen to those who currently do not have the mental capacity to make this decision, especially those who made the decision many years ago not to be an organ donor?
TTT, if you were to require a transplant, would you refuse an organ unless you knew a potential donor had made a conscious decision to donate?
I agree with woof, for the same reasons. Having an opt-out is not enough as that will mostly affect those without the mental capacity to understand or decide or fill in the right forms.
Deciding not to donate should make no difference to receiving an organ. Things get very complicated if we treat people depending on what they "deserve".
those issue are not related TCL,but yes I'd accept a transplant, not really a choice is it? I just don't trust the process.
good point hc.

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All Adults Will Be Presumed To Be Organ Donors …

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