All Adults Will Be Presumed To Be Organ Donors …

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naomi24 | 08:45 Sat 02nd Feb 2019 | News
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…..unless they explicitly opt out.

//An opt-out system for organ donation will soon become law after it passed its last hurdle in Parliament.

Campaigners hope the new system will encourage us to make our wishes known before we die, with an online register for those opting out.

Research has shown more than 80 per cent of adults in England would definitely donate their organs or would consider doing so. However, only 37 per cent of Britons have registered as donors on the NHS Organ Donor Register and received a donor card.

However, Professor Chris Rudge, a leading transplant surgeon, has said he would opt out on the grounds that the State should not presume to take a citizen’s organs. Last year he said: ‘Organ donation should be a present … I am so horribly opposed to a change in the law.’//

Your thoughts?. For or against?


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If nothing else this thread shows that there's no limit to the insane flights of fancy embarked on by some.
10:40 Sat 02nd Feb 2019
woof ypu say you atre not against organ transplant, however, by opting out you are: by the time its an issue, you are unlikely to be able to have a say, and any decisions (either by the medical profession or family/frieds) will be dictatedby the fact you have opted out. The isnt an "i opt out but youcan take them really) option.
Incidentally, why doe this not apply to children too?
well the definition of dead is simple though.. Not bein alive
I guess we'll all care about these things until we're dead.. so why not opt in eh?
can always have an empty casket funereal i guess.. cus thats what its all about for me
Death is a process, not an event.
I wouldn't like my organs harvested but quiet happily consent for my body to be used by medical students. My personel prefferences.
bedknobs I have said this many times. It is the principle of presumed consent that I object to. At times in my life before there was an online register, I did carry a donor card. I have been a blood donor (around 30 donations, was asked to stop when I began to pass out after every donation) and also donated blood for research purposes during times in my life when I could not donate for transfusion purposes.
^^what woof said^^
oh presumed consent doesn't apply to children because they are not considered as having the capacity to decide.....but a parent can register a child which I find slightly scarey
The opt-out scheme is already in effect for folk in Wales. This is what it says on their site.

The organ donation opt-out system will apply to all adults who have lived in Wales for more than 12 months, who die in Wales, and have not registered a decision on the NHS Organ Donor Register.

‘Deemed consent’ will not automatically apply to:

•Those who die outside of Wales, even if they normally live in Wales. •Children and young people under 18.
•People who have lived in Wales for less than 12 months.
•Visitors to Wales. •Serving regular military personnel.
People who may lack •mental capacity to make a decision.
•‘Novel’ forms of transplantation such as face or limb transplants or the use of reproductive tissues.
•People who have registered an opt-in decision or an opt-out decision on the NHS Organ Donor Register.
•People who have appointed a representative to make a decision about organ donation.
•People whose family can show they did not want to be a donor.
•Children and Young People

The soft opt-out system does not apply to people under the age of 18. But when children reach a point that they can understand organ donation they can record their decision on the register. Therefore, children and young people can register a decision either to be a donor (opt in) or not to be a donor (opt out).

Until they can understand organ donation, the decision to donate, or not to donate, will be made by a child’s parents or guardians.

Organ Donation Wales has an FAQ page on organ donation from December 2015 where you can find out more.

For more information on the making of the new law, see the  Human Transplantation (Wales) Act 2013 page on the Assembly website.

The worrying thing for me would be, my bits donated to hopefully help wee Johnny or Jenny end up being sold to the likes of abdulah in Saudis Arabia or mr big in the USA etc for a bag of gold
I agree with the professor. It has to be an individuals, or their NOK's decision.
A very difficult topic,my first thoughts go to the elderly and the people who don't understand and who are ignored by the ignorant or the 'spivs'. Are we all to have a chip implanted and what about another change to the laws of this country,that all are presumed guilty until found, or proved innocent(that would be a winner). Who watches the watcher?

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All Adults Will Be Presumed To Be Organ Donors …

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