All Adults Will Be Presumed To Be Organ Donors …

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naomi24 | 09:45 Sat 02nd Feb 2019 | News
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…..unless they explicitly opt out.

//An opt-out system for organ donation will soon become law after it passed its last hurdle in Parliament.

Campaigners hope the new system will encourage us to make our wishes known before we die, with an online register for those opting out.

Research has shown more than 80 per cent of adults in England would definitely donate their organs or would consider doing so. However, only 37 per cent of Britons have registered as donors on the NHS Organ Donor Register and received a donor card.

However, Professor Chris Rudge, a leading transplant surgeon, has said he would opt out on the grounds that the State should not presume to take a citizen’s organs. Last year he said: ‘Organ donation should be a present … I am so horribly opposed to a change in the law.’//

Your thoughts?. For or against?


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If nothing else this thread shows that there's no limit to the insane flights of fancy embarked on by some.
11:40 Sat 02nd Feb 2019
Totally for it. I am sure lots of adults, myself included, have said, "Think i'll donate my organs on my death" but never get around to it. It will be quite interesting to see just how many of us opt out.
Not keen. It's the State saying your body is theirs to do what they want. I can see the aim but it's the wrong way to go about it. Push for more volunteers and reseach into growing organs in the lab, are better alternatives.
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I wouldn't donate my organ to just anybody.
Very much FOR. If anything worth recycling can be found inside me when I snuff out then all for the good to somebody that needs them.
I would like them to be donated gratis and not sold to the highest bidder abroad though. I won't no that of course and not have a say regards that matter. :-)
Well they’re not having my Wurlitzer!
I'm a registered donor. If there's anything worth recycling in my body I'd be pleased it might be going to good use rather than being burned or rotted.
If people feel strongly that they don't want their redundant bits used to save someone's life they can opt out.
So, I'm for it.
I actually think this is a very good thing and long overdue but it will need national coordination for it to be successful. When it (presumed consent) was introduced organ donations actually fell in some countries.
Organ donation: Does an opt-out system increase transplants?
will people who opt out be eligible for an organ transplant?
Against for the same reason as Chris Rudge. I say the same thing every time this discussion comes up and like him I will opt out .
PS I am absolutely not against organ donation. What I am against is the state "presuming" that I am a donor and harvesting organs willy nilly.
against, for reasons same as above !
Have never forgotten John Prescott talking about it and saying that "organs are a national resource"
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//will people who opt out be eligible for an organ transplant? //

Good question. Should they be eligible and if so, should they be low on the waiting list?
Woof, if you were one of the approx 6000 people or a member of their family, you might think differently
I'm supportive of the principle, but I don't think that sanctions such as withholding or delaying surgery for those who opt out can be reasonable.
That's what bothers me, ael. Almost everyone I've talked to about this says they're not registered donors because they don't want their body meddled with WHEN THEY'RE NOT IN IT but they'll take a transplant if they need one. Same with blood donation. Come on, everyone. If you want to receive you should be prepared to give.
I’m pretty sure people who opt out won’t be discriminated against as it would seem to be against the basic tenet of the NHS / Hippocratic oath to do so.
Voluntary organ donations do not meet with the need for transplants and hence either patients die OR an alternative method should be instituted. The alternative method is opting out to which i entirely agree and those that "opt out" give up their chance of a transplant if needed.
I'm all for it. There is an option to not do it so it is not the State claiming your body. If you dont want to do it opt out.

I have always been a registered doner whoever needs any bits from me they are welcome and then any students that need a practice can have the rest.

As for those that opt out, I've said it on here before as far as I am concerned they are at the bottom of the queue. No point in wasting it if the organ cant be used on another who is registered but if you wont let anyone have yours then dont expect to take others.

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All Adults Will Be Presumed To Be Organ Donors …

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