At Long Last We Know Who Killed This Little Girl.

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ladybirder | 22:47 Thu 10th Jan 2019 | News
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A longtime suspect in the murder of JonBenét Ramsey has finally admitted he killed the then six-year old beauty pageant queen.
Anybody else remember this case?


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It's been a staple of some of the more sensationalist magazines for years, up the with The Express and Diana for rehashing.
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Thank you Baldric. Beat me to it.
I hope the police get their act together this time.
Well he's only 'allegedly' confessed in a couple of letters, and then stated it was an accident, so not really confessed to killing her in a meaningful way. See if they feel it's enough to prosecute him and if the letters stand up as his x
Yes I know the case well and he has not really confessed, we are no closer to knowing who killed her than we were last year when they found evidence to suggest her brother did it out of jealousy
I'm taking this so-called confession with a huge dose of sodium chloride.
Handwriting on the ransom note and the confession letter isn't even vaguely similar either...
... and Denver Police have already spoken to him about it and DNA tested him. He just appears to be a nasty piece of work with an obsession about the poor little girl :(
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He's always been on their 'Suspect' list and the ransom note, as is suggested, could have been written by an accomplice. I don't think I can be so quick to write him off. I hope he is telling the truth as at least her family will surely be glad of an answer.
RR, JonBenét's parents and brother were formally cleared of any involvement in 2008 with DNA evidence.
The brother has just won a massive settlement from a TV company that claimed to prove that he's done it when he was a child. I recall it as we were on the US at the time and it was all over the media.
Yes I remember it. Seems we're no nearer to knowing the truth, though. Poor girl, and poor family.
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Was that film made AFTER he'd been formally cleared of involvement Zebo?

Looks like it was relatively recently, the claim was filed in 2016. A bit foolish if the authorities had already cleared him.
Yes I remember this case, so sad.

Not sure if he did really kill her, don't believe it was an accident.
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Interesting link Kval thanks.
I plead guilty to being a bit previous here, I see the police still have Oliva as a suspect though, so we'll see. That's if they haven't lost any more evidence!
// I don't think I can be so quick to write him off.//

He can't be written off.
I know such a horrible thing and such a messed up Police investigation, hard to know what to think of anything but since the suspect is a poet and artist ( as well as a truly grim human being) it does make me err on the side of he just had an obsession with her. I just also can't see why someone who is only in jail for 10 years would admit to something that would see him sent away for life, but if he did it I hope they throw away the key :(
They have the death sentence in Colorado.
//a poet and artist// Phooey!! What do you mean, "he just had an obsession with her"? She was six years old. A grown man's obsession with a six year old - for any reason - is not okay. It just isn't! Sheesh!

I'm going to bed. Night all.

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At Long Last We Know Who Killed This Little Girl.

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