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Not without a charge, and a conviction, and really not even then - we don't do state-sponsored murder anymore.
Treason is working against your own nation, like the VB, if he helped brexit he's a hero.
no we read th3e Treason Act 1345

and see there are no grounds for such a prosecution and a zero chance of a conviction....
Not sure about treason - but the stench from Banks and his dubious finances is getting overpowering.
conflict of interest is ever present

Duke of Wellington was accused of delaying the news of Waterloo ( no not faking da nooze...) so he cd buy consols and make a profit
He hadnt but it is still debated - - - even now - here!

wellington = rothsheel but you have to factor in a few changes over 200 y

Maxwell's organ ( sun or mirror ) campaigned for the voters to vote for low interest rates ( and therefore inflation at that time ) because...... it would lessen the debt burden of the paper and Maxwell.

and more modernly
Ahmed Chalabi - prime minister of Iraq - quondam prime minister that is - was unmasked ( hey dig the yashmak illusion I slipped in!) as an agent of tehran

( The Americans wiv British help no doubt - broke a high grade Iranian code that said. " the americans say they are reading these codes but I dont think it can be true" and it was traced back to him)
Too long to read it all. Is it a capital offence to discuss investment offers from other countries now ?
How on earth can that be classed as treason?
There does seem to be a plague of wasps oop north.
So he should be stung up in a tree son.
Yes, he should.
I was voting to remain until Banks told me not to.
Then you owe him a debt of gratitude :-D
"details of exclusive Russian deal offered to Arron Banks in Brexit run-up"

So did he take the deal?
1ozzy //There does seem to be a plague of wasps oop north.//

Bee serious, Oz.
I'm surprised at you, Gromit. Falling for such blatant drivel.

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Should Farage’S Buddy, Banks Be Stung Up For Treason ?

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