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Should He Have Been Allowed In The Country

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barney15c | 15:42 Thu 09th Aug 2018 | News
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Man racks up £36k speeding fines after breaking speed limit 33 times.
Said his passport taken away by hire car firm who rented out sports car that he drove at 125-150mph,
Turns out he is a drug dealer from Newport that served 4 years in a young offenders institution for attempting to burn down a house.
Should he have been allowed in the UAE in the first place, surely this would have been flagged up when he entered the country?


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A drug dealer?

He won't get much sympathy in Dubai!
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yes, do you have to declare if you have been in a YOI to immigration?
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The Sun said he drove a Corsa supplied by Mobility as he has one leg shorter than the other, yet was seen behind the wheel of an Audi, is there no end to this mans lies.
Just out of curiosity, how much would it cost to hire a Lambourghini for a day? Anyone know?
It was around £450 and his brother claims his pal paid for it
Sorry, it was £560 according to the Mail
\\\\ The Sun said ... ... this man's lies.////

Pot/kettle springs to mind.
"He was doing 200km per hour but didn't know the law over there."
The kind of error any of us might make.
Barney, that could be anyone's Audi, doesn't mean he owns it.
When I was on benefits I couldn't have afforded a day trip to the seaside. This man has flown to the Middle East for a 5 day holiday. What does DLA pay now?
let them keep in jail..another dead beat looser on benefits sucking the tax payer wants help
Big fish from small pond introduced to some proper enforcement. "It's so unfair" falls on deaf ears.
The vast majority of countries don't require visitors to declare criminal convictions when seeking entry. The UAE operates a 'visa on arrival' system for British passport holders, which is little more than a way of charging an entry fee. (i.e. there are no real formalities).

The UK is prohibited from sharing information about criminal convictions with other countries (under EU privacy laws) unless there are specific reasons for doing so. (e.g. when there's a threat of terrorism). While a conviction for drug dealing might be flagged up to UK customs up when someone is seeking to re-enter the UK, there wouldn't be sufficient grounds to advise other countries of the conviction.

Anyway, despite having read your link several times, I can't see anything there which says that he's been involved in drug dealing. As I read it, it only says that he was under the influence of drink or drugs at the time of 'attempting to commit arson'.

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Should He Have Been Allowed In The Country

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