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Trump Baby To Fly Over London

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Kromovaracun | 15:26 Thu 05th Jul 2018 | News
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City hall have given the green light to a crowdfunded blimp depicting an angry Donald Trump throwing a temper tantrum in a nappy, meaning it will be flying over Parliament Square on the day of his visit.

Do you think this is a valid piece of satire or do you think this should have been disallowed so as not to annoy the President?


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N naomi24

You wrote;

//Where do you people get this rubbish from? You haven’t a clue what his wife thinks but nevertheless to you it’s acceptable to make it up as you go along. As long as you can put the boot in anything goes, doesn't it SP. Shameful, absolutely shameful.//

I get it from the shudders and the times she’s flicked his hand away.

By the way - why are you so very upset all the time? You spend so much time on here with steam coming out of your ears that you come across as a heart attack about to happen.

Take a chill pill. We’re taking the mickey out of a remote politician...not your children.

For goodness sake, dial down the outrage...even klaxons occasionally fall silent.
She's just gotta have the last word, SP.
Will you be blowing the balloon up sp? You are certainly the most qualified.
Seems that once again my questions are invisible
sp, this isn't about me.


How the long winter evenings must fly by in your house.
Which one is ttt. and naomi ? :-)
Bloody 'ell sp, you criticise naomi when you yourself very often need to 'take a chill pill' when you get riled up about things you believe in, or is it different for you??

In my opinion, this blimp should never have been approved, so what 10,000 people signed a petition, millions didn't! Does not show us in a good light at all, and how come Khan has so much power?
anneasquith, //Which one is ttt. and naomi ? :-)//

Clearly the transvestite. ;o)
More than half a million signed a petition but there's no sign that they will be letting Tommy Robinson out because of it.
How come the Home Secretary didn't ban it?

Oh! wait a mo I think I know.
Question Author
Why would the home secretary have banned it, AOG?
He won’t explain it to ‘the likes of you’, Kromo.

(At least that will be his excuse)
Not sure if this will halt the childish stunt, but it's worth a go.

By holding the view that this is embarrassing to our country does not make one a Trump supporter.
Signed Gran. 8,380 signed so far. :))
Signed, some great comments there.
I've just signed it, too. So demeaning for London and so very discourteous to the USA.

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Trump Baby To Fly Over London

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