Oh Dear, Racism And Anti Semitism, What's Happened To The "tolerant" Labour Party?

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ToraToraTora | 10:43 Tue 14th Nov 2017 | News
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Yeah but they only hate the people that it's ok to hate, so that's alright then.
What the hell?

We’re the BNP closed that day?
Weird how the blog post wasn’t jumped on when it was written seven years ago.

And how sickening is that fake apology:

“If [Mr Bailey] is offended, I apologise”.

Either say sorry, or don’t. Don’t do that equivocation thing.
not quite as tolerant as we thought one suspects.
just wondering - is racism acceptable if the target holds a right wing political view?


Racism is never acceptable, no matter who the target.
racism shouldn't be tolerated whatever your political persuasion.
None of the stories about this ‘racism’ bothered to link to the blog from 2010. It was quite difficult to find, but here it is. Judge for yourself if it is racist.

It is not racist. She is pointing out the hypocrisy of the Conservative candidate...
// his constant stigmatisation of the area he was born in as a 'ghetto' has not exactly endeared him to his former neighbours, //
She is quoting his own words back at him to describe him posing with Cameron.
More sarcasm than racism.
A rare occupancy but I am tending Tom agree with Gromit in this instance.

Me too. Her 'if he was offended, then i apologise' comment was quite sufficient.

I'm afraid you've been spun by the press again Tora.

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that's a relief! Only riddled with anti semitism then? right oh!
There have been many instances of anti Israeli Foreign Policy (and its bad treatment to its Arab neighbours) in the Labour Party. Not much substance to the anti semitic accustations.
The Labour Party Friends of Israel was started in the 1950s (the Conservative friend hads to wait until 1974 to set up). Many ex MPs were Jewish or of Jewish ancestry, and being Jewish (or muslim or catholic) is not a bar to to getting on in the Labour Party (Miliband’s father was Jewish).

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Oh Dear, Racism And Anti Semitism, What's Happened To The "tolerant" Labour Party?

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