Bbc Biased? Never!

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naomi24 | 08:07 Tue 14th Nov 2017 | News
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‘Have I Got News for You’ makes five times more jokes about the Tories than Labour, a Sun probe discovered.

Anyone surprised? I'm not.


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Not surprised. There's nothing funny about Labour.
Question Author
I think whichever flavour of political party in 'power' always has the urine extracted.

Am not defending the Beeb, they have many flaws imo.
Why is this in News. This section is becoming clogged with non News.
More carp, from the choice of newspaper for the semi-educated.

This show has been going on for years. The Tories have been in power since 2010, so you would expect the Government of the day to get more flack than the Opposition.

I can remember the situation being in reverse during Blair's years at the helm, and Brown's as well.

So, this attempt to draw fire away from Theresa's chaotic rule is just that.
What Mikey said - with a round of applause. The sun? Good grief...dreadful rag.
Question Author
Mikey, //More carp, from the choice of newspaper for the semi-educated. //

They can count. You really shouldn't keep harping on about other people's lack of education, you know. Really ..... you, personally, shouldn't.
Mallyj - the sun? dreadful rag.
Always was and is even worse since they've stopped publishing Hagar :-)
It's bloody rude for starters, Mikey!

My OH reads The Sun and he's far from semi educated. He reads it because he only gets a 20 minute break at work and it's an easy read.

I agree with Alba...whoever is in power will be joked about.
For most of my life the Sun was the newspaper for the semi-educated labour supporters. I suppose now they've switched sides they get the flak from some ;-)
With Ian Hislop the Tories are always going to get the pee taken but the humour is very clever so I'm happy to take the bias.
HIGNFY has always been Labour led.

I used to watch it every week but it became so biased that I stopped.

I am not averse to political satire but they just don't mix it up. It is all anti Tory, Trump, Putin. And even if it isn't they turn it about to be about it.

Sadly not now my sort of thing.
not surprising as they are comedians and virtually all comedians are left wing.
If you think HIGNFY is biased (which it is), you should listen to The News Quiz on R4. I've listened to this for over 20 years and in that time is has always been so achingly left biased...and that includes the live audience.

That said, even though I'm right of centre, its left wing bias has never really bothered me, simply because I enjoy the programme and find it funny.

Jeremy Hardy, who is just slightly left of Trotsky, is hilarious.
Humour is as humour does.
What one person finds hilarious will leave another cold.

(love the idea of being left of Trotsky, that's going to make me grin all day !!)
The BBC can't win really. Right wingers think it's biased against the right and left wingers think it's biased against the left.

The Corbyn faithful hate the beeb for it's perceived bias against the dear leader. They'll probably have Laura Kuenssberg packed off to a salt mine come the glorious day.
the Sun has always been Tory except for the Blair years when it was Psuedo Tory.
As the Tory's are in power and making c@ck ups daily , they provide far more material for jokes. Once Labour are in power they will become the main source of jokes. Will you still be commenting then?
as for calling folk who read The Sun semi-educated, well, that's just down-right rude and condescending.

If a man who ran a successful engineering company, who read various broadsheets and the sun, who that make him semi-educated?
I doubt it very much.
(pompous attitudes abound at times)
eddies is correct Labour have been in power for 27 years since their inception in 1900, thus they have been in power for less that a quarter of the time so it follows that HIGNFY will have more time and ammo to bash the tories.

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