So The Eu Court Of Injustice Has Ruled Has It? Pmsl!

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ToraToraTora | 15:24 Tue 14th Nov 2017 | News
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Has anyone told them they will have no jurisdiction some time soon?


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We are still in the EU, and this ruling only applies until 29 March 2019. Nothing has been decided or agreed after that point.
This particular case is not really EU related as the wife is British and her spouse is Algerian. Presumably, this ruling will be applied to UK law after 2019.
Tora obviously didn't read as far as 'How it might affect EU citizens living in the UK after Brexit - and their ability to have foreign-born spouses live with them - is not yet clear, our correspondent added'
Unsure it makes much sense. The UK is presently still a memeber of the EEA isn't it ? So why would the Home Office claim gaining British citizenship removed any EEC national status ? Surely it confirms it ? Whatever the rights or wrongs of defining an EEA nationality (which seems nonsensible since the EEC is not a nation) her status can not have changed; and the most the HO could have claimed is that rules for British citizens take priority over previous external rights. But that requires one's nation to have kept it's sovereignty, or had the courage to take it back.
...member... !!!!!!!!!

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So The Eu Court Of Injustice Has Ruled Has It? Pmsl!

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