Oooh We're Saved, Lets Have Another Referendum With Only One Choice On The Paper!

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ToraToraTora | 15:21 Tue 17th Oct 2017 | News
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Project fear gives way to project "the morning after", PMSL!


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Oh Gawd, it just goes on and on doesn't it ...... !
// Paris-based OECD//
Nuff said.
wiv only one choice on the paper..

no I think the idea is to go on having a referendum until we get the answer we want just like we did for going INTO the common market
Paris-based OECD.....
Rather than Tora based OCD
Question Author
PP: "wiv only one choice on the paper" - of course otherwise the silly public may not give the "correct" answer, look what happened last time!
TTT: is it objectively possible to look at Brexit and conclude that it might be economically, at least in the short term, damaging?

Question Author
yes indeed jim, and I am more than happy to endure that price to leave the EUSSR. Is it objectively possible for non brexiteers to comprehend that we accept the consequences of brexit, we accept that there may be issues and may be things that are not entirely positive?
Yes it is, but what I was trying to establish was if you rejected the conclusions of this report out-of-hand or if you rejected the approach it was recommending as a result of its conclusions.

I don't mind if Brexit supporters say, as you do, that they accept short-term risks are possible but worth enduring. But that's a different statement from "PMSL", I think.
Question Author
I don't reject the report jim, no doubt short term things would look rosier than they do now. The point is that I'm prepared to endure for freedom from this vile organisation.
Question Author
PMSL is because the remainiacs keep having a na na nana na pop thinking we are regretting the vote because of a few bad figures etc.
A few bad figures? that's a bit like saying there are a few communists in Russia.
I am more than happy to endure that price

my guess is you don't expect that you will be paying any price at all, and that only others will. In fact I suspect few Brexiteers imagine they'll be adversely affected by Brexit personally.
Crikey TTT - with all that pi$&ing that your'e doing it sounds that those around you need to be very careful from all the spray
"I am more than happy to endure that price to leave the EUSSR."

It may depend on what the price is, and what it is to you personally. If Brexit led to a recession that plunged a great many people into far worse living conditions than they were now, I am not so sure they'd share your sentiments. But it's a big "if", of course.

Amber Rudd calls Brexit without a deal 'unthinkable'
Don't you think it is also unthinkable for the EU?
Whoo Whoo,
Exit from Brexit, Good lets get back on track.
-- answer removed --
I expect to pay a short-term price for Brexit, (quite a price since I am on a limited pension) but it will be worth it for my children and grandchildren to be free to forge a prosperous, independent future.
If we ever 'escape' the only real difference will be that the rogues in charge speak English wivout a forrin accent.

We'll still be table ended.

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Oooh We're Saved, Lets Have Another Referendum With Only One Choice On The Paper!

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